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4th day of Nightal – Giants’ Valley

  • Entered the valley, inadvertantly wandered into a sacred chamber and were eventually trapped in there.
  • Escaped through a trans-world mist in the near the ceiling.
  • Arrived in a lava/earth subterrainian plane
  • Graffiti is appearing on their walls mocking Xora (earth elemental) and the family. The group suspects fairies living in a little castle above an umberhulk pit are the culprits.
  • There are also mists felt back to the prime-plane.
  • During the LR that night, Melbrek turns into a were-bear. The party fights him to submission.

3rd day of Nightal – Giants’ Valley

  • Hiked up a mountain to approach the valley from the side
  • HIked on the ridge to the back end of the valley.

2nd day of Nightal – Goblin Cave

  • regained the giants’ trail
  • found the entrance to a valley
  • camped outside it and discovered that there are two giants guarding the entrance

1st day of Nightal

  • Encounter wolf pack led by Gluk and Gelb told of a lonely giant
  • Went to where it should to find find Goblin that attacked us
  • During battle, Gelb and Gluk showed up at ate him and fled.

30th day of Uktar (The Rotting) Orlbar

  • Began tracking the Giants

29th day of Uktar (The Rotting) Hideout → Orlbar

  • Party Travels to Orlbar
  • Orlbar keep is trashed.
  • Meets Ignatius and Janek

28th day of Uktar (The Rotting) Hideout

  • finished 7 days of nothing but training.

20th day of Uktar (The Rotting) Hideout

  • started training

19th day of Uktar (The Rotting) Hideout

  • Reached Melbrek’s hideout under the waterfall.
  • Found a Mural of the ancient dwarven king and the scepter

18th day of Uktar (The Rotting)

  • Travel south toward Melbreks hideout

17th day of Uktar (The Rotting) High Forest

  • Harrowing day. Attacked by an Ent and a tree after Melbrek uses his axe to to cut down a tree. Then attacked by two more Ents. We fled down the river on a log

16th day of Uktar (The Rotting) High Forest

  • Amitreene said farewell and left the party. Her plan is to wait in the high forest until she finds a mist crossing to the feywild to return home.

15th day of Uktar (The Rotting) High Forest

  • Killed the Uthgardt slavers, aka Bear Clan, aka Grimshaw’s dad.

14th day of Uktar (The Rotting) High Forest

  • Encounter a tribe of Uthgardt – Turned out to be Grimshaw’s father
  • Discovered that Grimshaw is dead! Saw his head.
  • Gave Cloak of Elvenkind, Periapt of Health, Warhammer, and Brooch of Shielding as tribute to travel through the lands
  • Agreed to travel with them to where the giants are
  • Waiting for them to build rafts.

13th day of Uktar (The Rotting) High Forest

  • Hiked south

12th day of Uktar (The Rotting) High Forest

  • Continued hiking east-souteast.

11th day of Uktar (The Rotting) High Forest

  • Worked our way counter clockwise around the city, staying in the forest

10th day of Uktar (The Rotting) High Forest

  • Traveled south
  • Discovered a forest devoid of normal creatures.
  • Discovered a ruined city that appears to have fallen out of the sky, filled with Gricks
  • Decided the ruined city was too dangerous, and left, backtracked

9th day of Uktar (The Rotting) High Forest

  • Travel
  • Crossed the same river 3 times
  • Took the mists and ended up in the feydark and immediately returned to prime plane

8th day of Uktar (The Rotting) High Forest

  • Travel

7th day of Uktar (The Rotting) High Forest

  • Encountered a party of Elves part of the ‘Victorious Blade of People’ (Elven Supremicists)
  • Found a forked Rod (spell component) attuned to the Outer Plane called Nine Hell
    Tattoo discovered

6th day of Uktar (The Rotting) High Forest

  • Party decides to head South toward Loudwater.

5th day of Uktar (The Rotting) High Forest / Feywild

  • Traveling on the Treant
  • Amitreene find Portal to Feywild, and party enters with a group of elves
  • Party kills some Giants and Forlarren… creatures, and frees a pixie, Amarin.
  • Party rescues Melbrek
  • Party returns to material plane, Lady Lanowallia and many elves stay in feywild.

4th day of Uktar (The Rotting) High Forest

  • Traveling on the Treant

3rd day of Uktar (The Rotting) High Forest

  • Traveling on the Treant

2nd day of Uktar (The Rotting) High Forest

  • Traveling on the Treant

1st day of Uktar (The Rotting) High Forest

  • Ambushed the Hyenas
  • Found the Gnoll cave, killed gnolls
  • Welcomed to the Elvish village on a moving Treant

30th day of Marpenoth (Leafall) High Forest (South of Everlund)

  • Entered the High/Old Forest
  • Met Lady Lanowallia who took a liking to Amitreene, and a dislike to Edwin.
  • Tasked with hunting some Hyenas and Gnolls.
  • Departed on hunt with a couple elven scouts

29th day of Marpenoth (Leafall) Everlund

  • Edwin performs an Atonement ceremony for Bael, who returns to Neutral
  • Group leaves Everlund heading South.

28th day of Marpenoth (Leafall) Silverymoon→ Everlund (Bael &Ami ), Everlund (Edwin)

  • Bael and Amitreene travel to Everlund by coach

27th day of Marpenoth (Leafall) Silverymoon (Bael &Ami ), Everlund (Edwin)

  • Bael gets jumped trying to buy (fake) Boots

26th day of Marpenoth (Leafall) Silverymoon (Bael &Ami ), Everlund (Edwin)

  • Bael Continues search
  • investigates cloak

25th day of Marpenoth (Leafall) Silverymoon (Bael &Ami ), Everlund (Edwin)

  • Bael starts a magic item search
  • Invsitgates for boots

24th day of Marpenoth (Leafall) Silverymoon (Bael &Ami ), Everlund (Edwin)

  • Bael gets training bonus for 10 consecutive
  • Bael goes to Temple of Tymnora for atonement (no change) and met Aratha Sul

23rd day of Marpenoth (Leafall) Silverymoon (Bael &Ami ), Everlund (Edwin)

  • training

22nd day of Marpenoth (Leafall) Silverymoon (Bael &Ami ), Everlund (Edwin)

  • training
  • Edwin visits reforger ( Gets Breastplate + 1, lost chain shirt: Roll of 1 )

21st day of Marpenoth (Leafall) Silverymoon (Bael &Ami ), Everlund (Edwin)

  • training

20th day of Marpenoth (Leafall) Silverymoon (Bael &Ami ), Everlund (Edwin)

  • training
  • Edwin ‘sends’ to Bael, asking about interest in joining him to look into Uthgardt and Stone Giant presence south of Everlund

19th day of Marpenoth (Leafall) Silverymoon (Bael &Ami ), Everlund (Edwin)

  • training

18th day of Marpenoth (Leafall) Silverymoon (Bael &Ami ), Everlund (Edwin)

  • training

17th day of Marpenoth (Leafall) Silverymoon (Bael &Ami ), Everlund (Edwin)

  • training
  • Amitreene picks up the Rapier +2 from the reforger

16th day of Marpenoth (Leafall) Silverymoon (Bael &Ami ), Everlund (Edwin)

  • training
  • Edwin drops off armor at reforger. (Ready on 21st)

15th day of Marpenoth (Leafall) Silverymoon (Bael &Ami ), Everlund (Edwin)

  • Training.
  • There is magic note/scroll/tablet that was brought to Silverymoon, and the guy Tulrun went to Myth Drannor after.
  • Tablets of Fate

14th day of Marpenoth (Leafall) Silverymoon (Bael &Ami ), Everlund (Edwin)

  • Bael and Ami travel to Silverymoon by coach.
  • They give Zass the books so the Lathandarites and Tyrites can study.

13th day of Marpenoth (Leafall) Silverymoon, Deadsnows

  • Bael reads the scroll of teleportation and transports Edwin, Amitreen, and himself to Deadsnows
  • Edwin confirms that Anselm has already left Deadsnows to return to Everlund.
  • Filimon thinks Bael is trying to lure him into a trap and declines to meet [ see details ]
  • HUGE Dialog with history about Bael’s time in Deadsnows and Filimon, search for this date in discord
  • At dusk, the group goes to the canoe docks, and Bael picks a lock and the group enters town through a secret tunnel, arriving in a warehouse.
  • Filimon’s House found ( details )
  • Got the books of prophecy
  • Recalled to Everlund

12th day of Marpenoth (Leafall) Silverymoon

  • Bael sells Nash’s Adamantine armor
  • Amitreene get pixie dust and a cauldron

11th day of Marpenoth (Leafall) Silverymoon

  • Bael sells Nash’ Adamantine Barding

10th day of Marpenoth (Leafall) Silverymoon

  • Bael continues to try to sell Armor
  • Bael buys Potion of Water breathing, Potion of Superior Healing
  • Edwin Trains
  • Amitreene trains

9th day of Marpenoth (Leafall) Silverymoon (Bael/Ami), Everlund→Silverymoon (Edwin)

  • Amitreene finishes her tattoo
  • Bael buys the Wand of the War Mage +1 for Amitreene
  • Edwin Travels to Silverymoon
  • Bael starts selling Nash’s Adamantine armor

8th day of Marpenoth (Leafall) Silverymoon (Bael/Ami), Everlund (Edwin)

  • Bael looks for wand of the war mage
  • Amitreene starts getting a tattoo
  • Bael finds a wand +1

7th day of Marpenoth (Leafall) Silverymoon (Bael/Ami), Everlund (Edwin)

  • Bael begins magic item search in Silverymoon
  • Amitreene gives testimony to Lathandarites
  • Zass asks for Prophecies of the Moon, and the Star Walker Prophecies
  • Amitreene visits reforger ( Prepaid 2k, pickup 17th of Marpenoth )

6th day of Marpenoth (Eafall) Everlund→Silverymoon (Bael/Ami), Everlund (Edwin)

  • Bael and Amitreene travel to Silverymoon via carriage

5th day of Marpenoth (Leafall) Everlund

  • Amitreene is questioned by the Order

4th day of Marpenoth (Leafall) Everlund

3rd day of Marpenoth (Leafall) Iron Slagg → Everlund

  • Traded Maegara for Amitreene
  • Anselm Traded a giant ruby for protection for Silverymoon
  • Recalled to Everlund
  • Healed Amitreene

2nd day of Marpenoth (Leafall) Silverymoon → Iron Slagg

  • Travel. arrived in a cave outside Iron Slagg

1st day of Marpenoth (Leafall) Silverymoon → Iron Slagg

  • Travel

31th day of Eleint Silverymoon → Iron Slagg

  • Travel
  • Adult Red Dragon encounter

30th day of Eleint Khelb → Silverymoon

  • Reported the demon (Vrock) to knights in silver
  • Met with Zass and got update on the Maegara and trouble with Taern Hornblade and the Harpers in Waterdeep. Rumors of death of two of the remaining seven sisters, Alustriel and Storm.

29th day of Eleint Khelb

  • Buried Rastaputka and Nash.
  • Revalidated Bael’s khelb land grant,
  • Vrock escaped and terrorizes the town

28th day of Eleint Khelb (caves)

  • Discoverd demon presence/infestation among the myconids
  • Killed Yeestabrod, the corrupted sovereign
  • Recovered Rastaputka’s body
  • Nash Died, Edwin nearly died.
  • Party returned to the surface.

27th day of Eleint Khelb

  • Party enters the caves under Rastaputka’s house

26th day of Eleint Silverymoon → Khelb

  • Nash get his Double Bladed Scimitar reforged into a +1 weapon
  • Party travels to Khelb

10th day of Eleint Silverymoon

  • Testimony with Lathanderites and their allies, the High Librarian, Priest of Deneir. Finding Rastaputka or/and Joren’s notes becomes important.


9 – Nash and Edwin reach Khelb, visit the tomb and return to Silverymoon. Edwin bathes in the light.
8 – Arrival in Silverymoon, stay at the Bright blade brandished Inn.
6 – Baelfyre get hammered
3 – Meeting with Aglondar Fixtus in Everlund


30 – Meet with Strumn Lyonsblade. Learn that Chiwyll is no longer suspect, the Beregond Estate has been freed of Zhentarim influences and that the whereabout of the two kidnapped ladies, Danaria and Myrlyn are still unknown. Grimshaw came in town and disappeared later.
28 – Arrival in Everlund mid afternoon. Shopping.
25 – Arrival at the Icespear waterfall trading post near Jalanthar. Gorvek and Ragnar split, headed for Sundabar.
20 – Coldsnap ends. Meet Edwin. leave for Everlund with canoes.
18 – Training/Coldsnap
17 – Arrives at the Icespear trading outpost. Meet Ragnar, the lizard man that was accompanying the bounty hunters. Coldsnap starting.
13 – Negotiation with Duke Zalto. Zalto provide the Iron Flask and would exchange Amitreene for the Maegara. baelfyre trade the two plates for adamantine items.
11 – Gorvek encounter Ironslag’s manticore, loses an eye.
9 – Group meet bounty hunters and throw them off. They have a lizard man scout, Ragnar.
6 – Recovery of the adamantine plates with the help of the octopuses and Dimnora’s druidic powers.
5 – Night by the lake in Deadsnows, giants and goblins skirmish.


29 – Attack of the pursuing orcs, Valseria lost to the river.
27 – Group reaches the Stone Tooth and meet Olga. Revelation about the upcoming Flood.
26 – Skirmish with orcs
23 – travel to Stone Tooth
The draakhorn is heard again.
22 – Travel West on Fork Road.
21 – Training. Death of Melborne by a giant boar. Meet Gorvek and Dimnora.
20 – Investigate the Zhentarim camp by the lake and find fire giants’ contraptions to recover the plate, their chance of success being close to null.
19 – Lizardmen fight during the night. Kal leaves the group. Mid day the group reaches the old town of Deadsnows under pouring rain.
17 – Baelfyre, Nash, Kal and Valseria leave prospector camp. Alkaid stay there.
16 – Heads out to Vordrorn forest. Fight with wraiths. Kal recovers his father’s bones, the group turns back without pursuing the necromancer further.
15 – Heavy rain, training at the camp. Meet Nash.
14 – head out to prospector camp. Meet Valseria and Alkaid.
13 – Return to Citadel Adbar. Lion attack. Spend the night in redoubt of Adbar (Jasper).
12 – Question Jasper, return him to Citadel Adbar. Uthgardt barbarians encounter. Death of Lucius.
11 – Attacks zhent, and capture their agent, Jasper Dimmerchasm, that was prisoner of Duke Zalto and exchanged by the zhentarim for Amitreene.
9 – Baelfyre infiltrates zhentarim camp. Read Valdemort letter.
8 – Baelfyre meets Sandra Tesper and her adventuring group. She is looking for the Tesper’s Aurix. Baelfyre points them to where he left it, at the abbey. Baelfyre buy horses and leaves to follow Zhentarims tracks.
7 – Baelfyre trains, Melborne work on leather armor in the Abbey. Head to trading post by night on a canoe.
6 – Shortly after midnight, Baelfyre and Melborne attempt to infiltrate the towers using the secret passage. Glyph of Warding explosion. Baelfyre attempts to infiltrate the Towers from the front door, fails, and then free Jon from the militia’s jail (invisibility).
5 – Devlon Junior named mayor of Deadsnows, with the support of Zhentarims. Mittil leads the resistance from the abbey. Lucius joins the group.
4 – Zhentarims capture Amitreene, and attempt to capture or kill Melborne and Baelfyre.
2 – Prisoner at the militia jail disappears mysteriously.


30 – Sparrow leaves for Everlund with the second barge convoy since the Dragon attack, with some of the merchant that came with the caravan from the Moon Sea across the Anauroch.
27 – Caravan settles in Deadsnows.
26 – Group arrives in Deadsnows. First scouts of a large caravan arrive in town.
25 – Travel to Deadsnows. Skirmish with Uthgardt barbarians. Tiny hut. extra night outside.
24 – Brothar splits to go to Citadel Adbar, with the mithril armor offering found in the dwarven ruins of the Stone Tooth. Kal remains at the prospector camp. The others, with the bard Cupcake, head back toward Deadsnows. Bandit attack.
23 – Enter the Vordrorn Forest. Will-O-Wisp. Fight with Wraiths and specters, near where Kal’s father fell. Then the group decides to return to prospector camp.
22 – Prospector camp mid day. Meet Finn and Cupcake, literally having fallen from the sky.
21 – Travel to Vordrorn Forest, fight with Kobolds. Sparrow saves Baelfyre. Group hears explosion and saw fires south during the night
19 – Skirmish with orcs in old town.
16 – Kal meets the group.
15 – Brothar meets the group. First barge convoy to Everlund since Nightscale attack.
4 – Sparrow’s training time completed. Starts militia work.


27 – Baelfyre starts Wizard training with Filimon the Unseen. Sparrow finds a trainer.
26 – Sink the adamantine plates in the lake. Moon flaring for Sparrow at the lake, with the moon amulet.
24 – Filimon the Unseen confronts Baelfyre for his questioning in town.
23 – Amitreene and Melborne stays in Deadsnows. Baelfyre meets Olga again.
Fire giants attack and destroy Jalanthar.
22 – Return to Deadsnows, wounded.
21 – Travel to Silverymoon. Sparrow join the group. Wyvern encounter. Fight with orcs.
19 – Digging at Felevel’s hut (tree and moon amulet). Halflings take over digging.
17 – Return to Deadsnows. Funerals for Joren.
16 – Bulette fight. Fire Giant fight. Joren’s Death.
13Lady Dahlia, Lathanderite Inquisitor, reaches Deadsnows. Meet with Trish Tesper. Chiwyll leaves the group with the Lathanderites, Trish stays. Cleaning of the Abbey, closing the secret door. Trish and Marek deaths.
12 – Fight at Bag end Lane.
Host army from Silverymoon leaves for Waterdeep.
11 – Farewell diner, and arrival of Melborne. First aberration fight at the Abbey.
10 – Cold spell ends. Grimshaw leaves Deadsnows with his Vardos, as well as Danaria and Myrin and the dwarven books.
6 – Marek sends a report about Grimshaw’s magical wagon (vardos).
4 – training and Lathanderite investigation of Grimshaw as he does not have any shadow.
In Silverymon, Taern Hornblade steps down as Lord of Silverymoon. Methramar Aerasume is chosen as High Lord.
3 – start of a cold snap in Deadsnows
1 – Funeral for Courana in Deadsnows.


In Deadsnows, procession and celebration in honor of the Dragon Slayers.


30 – Arrival at Deadsnows.
29 – encounter with worg riders.
27 – Traveling to Deadsnows, meet Olga. Fight with Perytons.
26 – Found dwarven library. Burial of the dwarves’ remains, and the bones of the ghost. Shadar Kai encounter.
[[From top to bottom of the Stone Tooth. | 25]] – Battle with Zhentarims at the top of the stone tooth.
24 – Death of Nightscale. Death of Bolen. Death of Courana. Danaria and Myrin freed
23 – Grimshaw returns at the StoneTooth with a Vardos, changed.
22 – First encounter with Nightscale.
Nightscale attacks the Icespears trading outpost 20 miles North of Deadsnows.
19 – Great Ulfe returns to the Stone tooth. Alpha grick killed.
18 – Meet Felevel at the stone tooth. Spat between Grimshaw and Amitreene. Grimshaw departs.
17 – At the Stone tooth group frees Courana.
16 – camping 2 miles from the Stone tooth.
In Everlund, Danaria and Myrlyn are captured by Zhentarims, and Chiwyll framed.
15 – Arrival at Newfort, destroyed during the past winter by fire giants.
12 – Night at Hawk’s nest. Visit of the hippogriffs training stables (Baelfyre)
9 – Juniper leaves the group. Group travels to Hawk’s Nest. Wolves escort.
8 – Days of training at Rastaputka’s house.


30 – Group meet Content Not Found: null. Joren, Amitreene and Grimshaw visit the Tomb of Khelb.
29 – Disguised and separately, the group leaves Everlund, camp in the hills, and head to Khelb, Chiwyll leaves his emblazoned shield behind at the Golden Eel.
28 – During the night, Chloe and Satine are freed from the zhentarims at Beregond’s Estates.
27 – Group meets Grimshaw, bartender at the Golden Eel, and drinking companion of Chiwyll during the winter.
26 – Barrus leaves the group in Everlund. Chloe is safely returned to Bolen, the regent at Beregond’s estates.
25 – Stirges attack.
22 – group leaves Yartar to travel on horseback back to Everlund.
20 – Group meets with another victim of the Death Curse at the Hall of Fortuitous Happenings in Yartar, one ill wizard female that fought in the battle of Nesme.
19 – At dawn, Cuslan Beregond dies and his body decompose rapidly. by mid-morning, Leejen Roykins is captured, by evening the group returns to Yartar and sleeps at the Temple of Tymora. Meet Cyalian.
18 – Travel
During the night a village close to Triboar is attacked by a dragon and kobolds
17 – Group leaves toward Triboar.
The Draakhorn rings across the land for the first time early morning.
16- Caravan ambushed 15 miles East of Yartar by Varrus of the Crushing Wave. Group escapes, arrive in Yartar with Cuslan, merchant suffering from the Death Curse and his younger daughter (Chloe)
12 – Caravan stops at Calling Horn
8 – Caravan stops at Olostin’s Hold
6 – Caravan stops in Everlund
4- First caravan of the year leaves Silverymoon, carrying with it Joren, Chiwyll, Baelfyre, Barrus , Juniper and Amitreene.


30 – Start of the Death Curse

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