3rd day of Marpenoth (Leafall)

Baelfyre uses a sending to get Zalto to come to the door.

After a few minutes the door opens inward and the heat and glow of the foundry behind can be felt and seen even 100’ out…
A few huge giants are staying in the back, while a dozen orcs in plate armors fan out outside the door, taking position on each side of the door, heavy crossbows in hand. Then two large hounds, hellish looking, slowly come out, sniffing the air and looking around before being called back in by a powerful whistle, and 5 giants emerge from the gates, Lord Zalto and his wife, and three others. Those are still holding large rocks, while Zalto has a huge Maul in his hand, the head of maul ending in a solid metal cage, in which a comparatively small figure is trying her keep her footing, bouncing back from one side of the cage to the others as Zalto steadies the maul in his hand.
His wife takes a wide look and signals him something, and he come forward with two of the giants at his side, approaching your group to 20 feet, their height towering over the three of you.
Anselm raises his hand in peace and bows deeply to the Duke of the Fire giants…
“My Lord, we are here with Baelfyre who took upon a task in your service, and has succeeded. The titan Maegara is being brought to you so that you can take the proper place in the ordning, the place that a powerful lord like yourself merits…”
The giant groans a bit, with a slight smile
“Who are you, priest of the MorningLord?”
“My name is Anselm, and I am a student of fire. I am a provost at the Ryester’s Matin temple in Silverymoon..”
“What brings you back with the elf, and who is his companion?”
“This is Edwin, my Lord, one that helped accomplish the difficult task of extracting the Maegara from the dwarves of Gauntlgrym…”
The giant grunts again, and delicately put the head of the maul on the ground in front of him, allowing Amitreene inside to easily stay upright without hurting herself. He places his two hands on the pommel of the maul and asks.
“to the point, fire priest… where is the titan?”
You both can see that Amitreene is extremely battered and scarred.. she can’t speak for herself, and the scar over her eyes has left deep dark marks crossing her face.. She is very thin, and bruises and contusions can be seen on the exposed parts of her body.
Anselm pulls out the Iron Flask in front of him.
“The titan is imprisoned in it, Mighty Duke of the giants. I also have brought another offering from the people of Silverymoon, as we want to help you make the Vonindod the most magnificent piece of craftsmanship that has been witnessed. You promised to my friends here the freedom of Amitreene here. Our word is true and our intentions are peaceful.”
“You will not mind then if we verify your claim first…”
The Duke motions to his wife, who comes in front near the cleric and takes the offered Flask. She then flashes a gem in her hand, and start casting a spell, focusing on the Iron Flask…
For around one minute nobody speaks…
She says something in giant, turning to her husband.
He grunts and with a flick of his finger, opens the side of his maul.
“The fey lady was a worthy guest. I did not expect her to last very long but she did. She is yours now”
as the giant motions to Baelfyre to come bring her next to the others..
Anselm offers a large red stone, the size of a grapefruit, a translucent red gem with a white star-shaped center.
“This is a Star Ruby that has been found in the lands of the AllFather. We of the small people want to offer it to your Lordship to make the Vonindod a glory to behold by all. If you would accept it, it would come with a mutual acceptance of peace and respect between the people of Silverymoon and the giants of Duke Zalto.
Would you accept it?”
The giant does not hesitate long before approaching to grab the ruby himself.
“I accept… With the Maegara we can now complete the Vonindod, and the role of the small people will not be forgotten.”
[Amitreene is in dire need of healing.. she looks also completely exhausted – she has 5 levels of exhaustion]
The giants turn away with a last look, and return inside Ironslag.
The door closes slowly, and you surround Amitreene, in dire shape, but saved.

Anselm gives Edwin a scroll of Recall. Anselm heads to Deadsnows.

The party uses the scroll of Recall to jump to Everlund.

Amitreene is hospitalized and healed.

3rd day of Marpenoth (Leafall)

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