28th day of Eleint

The party started the morning about 1 mile from the large cavern the consists of the Myconid village. At the far end of the cavern was a giant mushroom atop a plateau.

In the myconid valley we discovered that there is a wedding, though only half of the Myconids seem to be happy about what it might mean for their futures.

Hepboope is a myconid in the circle of builders that might know more about the mushroom caves near Khelb.

The wedding is between Araumycos and Zuggtmoy

The party went with the happier myconids up to a terrace where they discoverd that creatures were being buried up to their necks, and dying as part of a process supporting Zuggtmoy

Yeestabrod is the sovereign of the creatures and is facilitating the transformation of people into rotten corpses. He and his followers tried to pacify the party, and convert them.

Nash and Edwin fell unconscious during the battle, but Baelfyre manage to kill Yeesatabrod, which caused the remaining combatants to stop. Yeestabrod’s death removed its influence from the followers. The ‘transformation’ process had begin on Nash and Edwin, and the newest leader of the creatures gave its live to save on of the two, and Baelfyre chose to have Edwin saved.

Edwin was brought back to consciousness.

Among the rows of heads, Baelfyre found his mother Content Not Found: rastaputka. He was able to recover her body, and belongings. He put her body and Nash’s into his portable hole.

Edwin and Bael spent 4 hours digging up the remaining bodies, and people. They mercifully killed those that weren’t dead yet.

A procession of creatures came from the giant mushroom atop the plateau making a lot of gay noises, and Bael and Edwin having no place to hide, retreated down the terrace. When the noise died down, they discovered that the Zhurkwood trees that had been blocking the ravine had been replaced by demonic mushrooms.

Bael lent Edwin his mother’s Elven Cloak and boots, as well as his Ring of Protection +1. Bael put on his mother’s Ring of Free Action.

28th day of Eleint

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