15th day of Marpenoth (Leafall)

Tablets of Fate:
9 Guiding principles (from the stars) : Spirit, Matter, Life, Death, Balance, Law, Chaos, Good, Evil

Sword of Fate:
Crown of Fate:
Staff of Fate:
Tablet of Fate:

Joren’s Notes

Star’s walker prophecies, from Augathra the Mad (copy)
Theme: prophecies about the year 1490DR.
Cryptic, Languages: old common

- Minor: A sword, a staff and a crown that together maintain the “Balance”
- Minor: Many references to the Year of the Nine Stars, 657DR
- Minor: A fourth item is related to the sword, the staff and the crown (Book? Tablet? Scroll?)
Prophecies of the Star Walker, from Augathra the Mad
[name of year 1490DR – Star Walker’s Return]

My interest in the books were purely academic until the visits to the tomb of Kelb.
As I study the tomes and gain insight to the prophecies, I’m hoping there is some hidden revelation I will have between what I’m studying and what we find moving forward in search of the Sword, Staff, Crown and possibly book, tablet or scroll.
Esklindrar told Joren that the whole story of the tomb is a fake made-up story created by the Harpers in Twilight, the original Harpers. He did is part at Tulrun’s request (one of the surviving Harpers in Twilight) in the library of Silverymoon to create fake documents about that story to corroborate it, which is why he told me when I mentioned I would research this in Candlekeep. He would not tell me why he accepted to do it, other than “Ask Tulrun yourself, but what he told me convinced me to do it”
I also have no clue why or what Barrus had to do with Kelb or the Star Walker Prophecies but clearly there is some connection I’m not making.
Barrus drew the same symbols that are in the star walkers prophecy book, the one you felt the need to go back to Candlekeep to find the originals and make sure there was no transcriptions mistakes from the copy you have. These symbols are the intertwined squares, with the same symbol from the book in the middle of both squares, but Barrus changed the 8 symbols at each square’s corner to what Amitreene recognized as symbols of Air, Fire, Earth and Water, as well as Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. You do not know what these eight other symbols in the book means yet, albeit you suspect you may find this information in the Nine Stars book
You found many references in this book about the year 657DR, hence your interest for that book that Esklindrar lended you
Prophecies of the Nine Stars, from Augathra the Mad
[year 657DR – Year of the Nine Stars]

Insights from Joren:
- Minor: “Stars” refers to nine “Guiding Principles”. Matter, Spirit, Life, Death, Balance, Chaos, Law, Good, Evil.
- Augathra refers to artifacts mentioned in relation to some of the Guiding Principles as stone tablets, sword, staff and crown, all being " of Fate". This is an expression you are familiar with in another context, the Time of troubles, as the history of the stealing of the “Tablets of Fate” is well studied… could she be speaking about those tablets remains an enigma, but the coincidence is troubling, and your reading confirms that Stone Tablets is the right translation for the fourth item mentioned in the Star’s walker prophecies..

[The term “Stars” for Augathra refers to driving principles, which she has listed as nine guiding principles for that year’s prophecie: Spirit, Matter, Life, Death, Balance, Law, Chaos, Good, Evil]
[the sentence “Pain is the balance” that Barrus tagged on the walls is also found a few time in that book. Joren wondered if Barrus has not been rendered mad by his Patron entity the same way Agauthra did, especially as after the “visitation”, he felt as if Augathra was a kindred mind, understanding her writings in a clearer way]
[The book is missing pages, and Joren has figured out that they were about the Death and the Good guiding principles chapters]

15th day of Marpenoth (Leafall)

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