13th day of Marpenoth (Leafall)

Bael did a sending to Filimon asking to meet and to borrow the 2 books of Prophecy. Filimon responded:

You gain the response, the telepathic voice very familiar in your head
“I will not fall for such an obvious trap. My eyes showed me your Hin friend before you could lure me. Begone!”

(Bael, at this time, had no idea what Filimon was talking about)

When the group came across a Galder’s tower, Bael recognized the location as Filimon’s. They knocked on the door, and a bat appeared. Filimon telepathically spoke to Bael who had to respond vocally.

Filimon was suspicious of an old traveling companion of Bae’s named Finn Thunderfoot. When Bael finally realized that this was the “Hin” friend that Filimon was talking about, Bael explained that he hadn’t seen Finn since Kythorn 30.

Bael convinced Filimon to let (only) him inside. Bael slipped in, leaving Edwin and Amitreene outside.

Filimon has no interest in the Death Curse. He is willing to sell the books back to Bael. Bael’s initial offer is 750 gp, 2 gold rings, 1 platinum ring, and 3 Tongues of Madness.

13th day of Marpenoth (Leafall)

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