10th day of Eleint

Raw Discord Logs

Baelfyre , Ervyn, Edwin Spent the previous night the Temple of Lathandar in Silverymoon.

The Lathanderites, intrigued by Bael’s information request a testimony under a zone of truth for some allies. Head Librarian Tiso Cusesh and priest of Deneir, and Erollidan Uvatharaearr, Security Advisor to High Lord Methrammar Aerasumé. show up for the testimony.

There is a lot of talk around Joren Binder (RIP). It seems that the he was researching the stories surrounding Khelb, and there is suspicion a mapmapker, Esklindrar Lol, may have exaggerated the legends surround Khelb.

Baelfyre mentions the 3 khelbian artifacts the sword, crown, and rod/scepter. He says that at least 2 of the items are real and that there is a link between all 3. Joren’s vision of Acererak showed the lich with at least 2 of the items. Bael also informs them that the sword, in the past, has chosen its bearer. In exchange for the opportunity to test Bael, Nash and Edwin, Bael tells everyone present that the sword was given to Taern Hornblade by Rastaputka.

The revelation that Taern has had the sword for near 100 years, shocked everyone else.

*The advisor requests for a specific cloistering security protocol in her absence, that the clerics of Lathander acknowledge. Everyone but the advisor remains in this closed room, while some acolytes bring food and refreshment as the advisor leaves the room. A few incantation done indicates that this room must have some kind of magical wards and protections, temporirely deactivated. *

Once the acolytes are out again, the High Librarian asks for all your attention.
“We have not had our follow up discussion about your request, Zass, but given the revelations provided today and before the High Lord joins us, I think I can give you the summary of what we have found so far about Acererak. I believe that given the knowledge already shared, this company is already within the need-to-know as, if I am not mistaken, your church obtained that name from the visit of your inquisitor in Deadsnows and her meeting there…” The Lathanderite looks at Baelfyre, and acquiesces.

“This is fine, yes. The Order should be brought to speed on what you learned too. I trust Edwin and Nash here will do their reporting. Go ahead, Tiso.”

*The High Librarian clears his throat.. "Acererak is a necromancer that was born on the world of Oearth, and was tutored in the dark arts by the Lich Vecna. We have found out that under his mentor’s guidance, he has transformed into a Lich himself centuries ago, the timeline still being researched. We believe he has now reached arch-lichdom, and is probably one of the most gifted necromancer that ever existed. One thing we have discovered is that he has a reputation from creating deadly tombs in different worlds, spending countless resources, magic and time to that end. All the research so far have indicated that these undertakings were for him to study adventurers, pitting them against deadly traps for the sole pleasure of observation, experimentation, or necromancy, we are not sure… *

Well, a new theory is being studied now by our scholars, and we believe these places in each world may have been built with an even more sinister purpose. As you know already, we have discovered that the Death Curse is not affecting only our world, Toril, but every known world on the Prime Material Plane is also affected. As we are now investigating a direct relation between Acererak and the Death Curse, some in our ranks are thinking that these “Tombs” of his may have been prepared over the past centuries for the purpose of spreading the Death Curse, we do not know how, nor why, or where those hidden tombs are located, but this is an intriguing thought, and we are currently focusing our research more in that direction.

Now, there has been no specific findings about a possible association between Acererak and the Khelbian artefacts, and until today, no research done even about what these artefacts are, as we were not even aware of their existence. As this is the involvement of Taern Hornblade with this sword that is bringing the highest authorities here, I’d like to keep our focus for when the High Lord joins us on the artefacts strictly, and our theory about the possible Tombs of Acererak being related to the Death Curse a strictly classified information for the moment. Do you agree Zass?"

The Lathanderite takes some time to respond, then finally agree “I think this is wisest at the moment.”

He looks at the three of you to confirm your agreement too, his frown and concern showing on his face clearly indicating how serious this matter is.

10th day of Eleint

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