Juniper Willowe

A discreet female monk, wanting to be re-united with her mom in Luskan


Juniper exudes an air of bubbly optimism. However, her cheery demeanor belies an acute sense of awareness. Two long, strawberry blonde pony tails hang lazily from her head contrasting with her fair, freckled skin. The sheer strength of her rock-hard fists is concealed by her wiry, lithe form. Her playful temperament is unwavering, shining through both in fierce combat and joyous celebration. Despite her worldly spirit, juniper comes off as socially awkward and unpracticed.


Sent from the monastery by her master, Juniper seeks to find balance within herself as she travels the land. She has a strong urge to “follow her heart” as informed by her roguish past, but her monastic teachings have shown otherwise; goodness is something brought about by action, not by passive wavering. Hers is the quest to find the inner prowess to realize this ideal.

Juniper Willowe

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