Wood Elf Rogue


You wish you had my coppery elven skin, and naturally fit figure. While my “resting bitch face” isn’t too surly, you may notice something troubling deep in my eyes. I usually look serious, but when I’m truly entertained, you’ll see a smile that makes ladies of all races swoon. If you catch me shirtless, it will be hard to miss my lean muscular physique that tells of life of training and activity.


I’m your average run of the mill questionable character. Sure, I’m charismatic.. but do you trust me?

My father trained me up until the point where I felt it was time to make my own way in the world. I’ve traveled a bit around the Silverymoon area in the Silver Marches and have contacts in a few a places.

I do like a bit of adventure.


Defenders of Khelb Kiteborn