Wood Elf Rogue/wizard


At first glance, you see a wood-elf with coppery elven skin, and natural lean elven build, standing about 5’8". While my “resting bitch face” isn’t too surly, you may notice something troubling deep in my eyes. I usually look serious, but when I’m truly entertained, you’ll see a smile that makes ladies of all races swoon (High CHA). If you catch me shirtless, you’ll see a physique built for quickness, not brute strength.

Normally dressed in black leather armor (which upon closer inspection, you realize is actual dragon leather), but with stylish cloth accents.. Just because you’re going to fight, doesn’t mean that you can’t look good doing it. 3 swords hang off my body, two short swords, one obviously masterwork, and the other is a black blade that you’ll likely find surprising when it’s drawn. A rapier is also present, which would likely makes you wonder if there are some daggers hidden on my personage.

Upon closer inspection of my hands, you’ll find hands with the slightest hints of calluses for an archer as well as a swordsman, but the hands are still clean and soft enough for life’s finer pleasures.


Your bio is what other can tell about you and what you tell about yourself to people you have met and talked with for no more than 5mn

I’m your average run of the mill questionable character. Sure, I’m charismatic.. but do you trust me? Maybe with your life, but not with your daughter.

My parents trained me up until the point where I felt it was time to make my own way in the world. I’ve traveled a bit around the Silverymoon area in the Silver Marches and have contacts in a few a places.

I do like a bit of adventure.


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