Defenders of Khelb

Onward from Yartar


Heading West...


On the 4th of Ches 1489DR, the first caravan of the year leaves Silverymoon after a very long winter, heading westward.

In different capacities, the player’s characters are travelling with the caravan. Baelfyre, Amitreene and Joren all travel in a fancy first-class stage coach, while the dwarf Barrus practices with the longstrider mages, helping the caravan get a faster pace.
Captain Melnick and a detachment of Knights in Silver escort the caravan.

The caravan stops at Everlund on the 6th of Ches, and gather there more wagons, a fancy private coach, some carts and a few more travelers, including Juniper and Chiwyll.

Two days later, the caravan arrives at Olostin’s Hold and stop there for the night.

The next stretch of the Evermoor Way is a 4 day trip to Calling Horns, where the caravan stop for the night on the 12th of Ches. Despite a few sightings of trolls, herds of Rothe, and other caravans, the progress is steady.

While the Knights in Silver return to Silverymoon, the caravan heads next to Yartar, leaving the Evermoors behind. Progress remains steady despite a heat wave. A trio of hippogriffs’ riders from Hawk’s Nest decide to spend the night on the caravan’s camping grounds for one night.

On the 16th of Ches, some people spot something unusual in the skies one mile behind the caravan. Unsure of the exact nature of the sightings (some mention some kind of earth mote, others believe the sightings are just mirages because of the heat wave..), the Caravan Master decides to try to reach Yartar and keep going instead of camping a last night out on the road.

At dusk, 15 miles still out from Yartar, the caravan is suddenly assaulted by a large group of orcs, goblins and hobgoblins, and quickly overrun. As the guards are falling under the assailants swords, lightning bolts disperse the carts and horses, burning some of them. Chaos and pandemonium ensues, and the battle rages on, until the players’ characters are the last ones standing and about to die. The dwarf Barrus then saves the day by summoning an earth elemental, allowing them to finish off the remaining assailants.

Still, some unseen attackers are hiding in the woods, and request for the heroes to surrender the merchant, whose fancy luxury coach has not been damaged. As no-one has seen this merchant before, Barrus uses his elemental to open the coach, bringing him out. The merchant Cuslan Beregond is obviously ill, and has his six year old daughter, Chloe, with him.
After some discussions, the characters, still under the protection of the earth elemental, decide to make a run for Yartar with the merchant and his daughter, after he promises them to give them a large payment if they escort him to Waterdeep, where he wants to go to be healed. Cuslan gives the party 151 Platinum pieces as an initial payment for their help. He is planning to sell his shop in Waterdeep and verbally agrees to give the group 1/2 of the sale as thanks for escorting him to Waterdeep. In the event of his death along the way, we are to escort Chloe back to Everlund and given to the care of her older sister Satine. The party agrees.

Cutting the elemental lose on the woods where the remaining assailants are, the characters make their escape in a cart and a few horses, transporting the merchant and his daughter and reach Yartar two hours later, long after nightfall.

They look for an inn not too shabby but not too obvious either, and end up in a modest neighborhood, at the White-Winged Griffon inn, where they book rooms and stables for the rest of the night, hoping for a much needed long rest.

After settling into the White-Winged Griffon inn, the party speaks with Cuslan, and he agrees to a written contract for the verbal deal agreed upon earlier, provided Chiwyll’s gives his word of honor to its terms and that the priest of Deneir, Jorren, acts as the drafter and witness (something the clergy of Deneir is commonly known for), and the group returns all his belongings to him.

The Contract with Cuslan Beregond would stipulate that if he and Chloe are brought safely and with no delays to Waterdeep, he agrees to pay Chiwyll half of the shop sale on top of the already paid platinum pieces.
If he dies from his illness on the way, the contract offers the shop unto Chiwyll’s name in exchange for the paladin’s word that he will be returning Chloe to the care of his older daughter Satine in Everlund.

The Second Sundering
A brief summary of the last years in the North

In 1482DR, Bhaal, the long-dead god of murder, was reborn in Baldur’s Gate amid chaos and bloodshed. The return of Bhaal and his apparent reclamation of the domain of murder from Cyric led some scholars to believe that the rules by which all deities must abide were in flux, and this event marked for them the beginning of the Second Sundering (see an History of the Realms for more details about the First Sundering).

Strange calamities began to occur throughout Faerun, and conflicts broke out in many regions of the continent. Events like earthquake, floods, drought re-shaped some of the lands, undoing the changes brought upon by the Spellplague but also ending its wider effects. Pockets of wild magic manifestations are still fairly common across Faerun, amid the turmoils and upheavals brought up by these calamities.

In the North, between 1484DR and 1485DR the orcs of Many Arrows descended as a horde upon the land in great numbers, pillaging and massacring, while the region was under the effect of roiling clouds of smoke or some other foul substance that turned daylight into something less than moonlight and hid the stars entirely, called The Darkening . The Silver Marches were the most affected, with Sundabar being all but destroyed, and Silverymoon and the Dwarven Citadel being besieged by orcs and drows alike.

When the Orc horde cheiftain Hartusk is killed in battle by a Dwarven lord, the horde’s multiple tribes splinter off, relieving the besieged cities and citadels. Despite the retreat of the Orcs, the fall of Sundabar precipitated the fall of the League of the Silver Marches, as the dwarves retreated to the Underdark and to their citadels, blaming their former allies, especially Silverymoon and Everlund, for not helping defend Sundabar.

In the Western part of the North, the Hosttower of the Arcane rose again in Luskan, along with the Arcane Brotherhood, while in Waterdeep and Neverwinter, efforts were made to clear these cities of century-old rubbles and neglect, while ships claiming to come from Evermeet, Lantan and Nimbral sailed into ports of the Sword Coast.

In the Eastern parts of the North, the long-subjugated Bedine people rebelled against the Netherese, as their masters waged a war against the southern kingdom of Cormyr, with the help of their puppet kingdom of Sembia. Netheril attacked Myth Drannor by flying the City of Shade above it. In a struggle for control of its mythal, the flying capital of Netheril was brought crashing down on Myth Drannor, resulting in the cataclysmic destruction of both. Forced to retreat, the last remnants of the Netherese forces waged battle with the bedines for the control of Memory Spire, and the battle awakened a hive of phaerimms, whose draining magic made Anauroch a desert again.

Across the North the last two winters lasted longer than any winter on records. The solstices and equinoxes have somehow drifted. Later seasons follow suit, with each starting and ending later than expected. Prayers to the gods for knowledge and mercy seem to go unacknowledged.

The year now is 1489DR.

An introduction to Faerûn, The Forgotten Realms

From the bitter, windswept steppes of the Endless Waste to the storm-lashed cliffs of the Sword Coast stretches a wide, wild land of shining kingdoms and primal wilderness, Faerûn is only one continent of the world known as Toril. Other lands lie in distant corners of the world, but Faerun is the center of it all, the crossroads and crux upon which all else turns. Dozens of nations, hundreds of citystates, and countless tribes, villages, and settlements dot its expanse.

The continent of Faerûn is a landmass of approximately nine and a half million square miles, located mainly in the northern hemisphere of the world of Toril. Sub-arctic extremes chill its northern reaches, where ice sheets like the Great Glacier dominate the landscape in blinding white. To the south are the equatorial jungles of Chult and the tropical coasts of Halruaa. It’s bordered on the west by the Trackless Sea and on the east by the Endless Wastes and the Hordelands that separate it from Kara-Tur.

Faerûn is an open land full of kingdoms and empires, large and small, and scattered city-states and villages struggling to make their way in a landscape that can be unforgiving wilderness one mile and cosmopolitan city the next.

Countless millions of humans, elves, dwarves, halflings, and other sentient beings call Faerûn home. It is a land of magic and intrigue, cruel violence and divine compassion, where gods have ascended and died, and millennia of warfare and conquests have shaped dozens of unique cultures.


A Haunting dream...
It seemed so real, and yet...

During a trip at sea, Rastaputka, Peter and another friend get stranded on a remote island while their ship undergoes needed repairs.

During the first nights spent at the local inn, they learn that every night, one or two locals recently started to disappear each night. The adventurers investigate and find out that they are walking themselves into the sea during their sleep to later re-appear as wretched sea-zombies…

Investigating the island and it’s surroundings, a tomb entrance is discovered on a remote newly formed island, and it could possibly be the source of the new curse on this island.

The adventurers enters what look like an old tomb, with many traps and dangers. Rastaputka dies after being pushed by a companion in a deadly pool

,She wakes up… It was just a nightmare.
But it all seemed so real…
And this green devil’s face on the tomb’s wall… haunting… taunting… gaping…

What happened next??
Eleint, 23, 1372

Full rest in manor basement

Curia manages to open a portal back to 7 pillars

the group returns to Silverymoon

Rastaputka hands over Mirthuvial to Tarn Hornblade,

new friend in strange places...
Eleint, 22, 1372

Group Leaves Kopachov leomund’s Mansio, following Mirthuvial’s directions to Couleuvrine

Fight with Kuo Toas Group in the streets of Pedestal

Mirtuvial leads to t a Fight with Yuan Ti, one of them manages to escape through Portal. with Couleuvrine.. Impossible to follow through the portal

group of Vampire Spawns attacks

Reaching Pedestal...
Eleint, 21, 1372

Groups reaches Pedestal docks
Curia creates Cannith Goggles

Group Bypass crabs and search Wagons
Eleint, 21, 1372

The Bridge encounter, lurker in the water…

Group brings back Troglodytes bodies
Eleint, 21, 1372

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