Welcome to the Defenders of Khelb 5th Age campaign!

Khelb is a quiet village, West of Silverymoon, in the foothills of the Nether Mountains until the tomb of its namesake hero got pillaged a few years before the spell plague hit the Forgotten Realms.

Today, more than one century later, with the Spell plague gone, the Realms are in turmoil again as the Death Curse is in full blown and the gods have fallen silent.

A few years after the end of the Darkening, a group of heroes are trying to solve a century old mystery

This campaign is focused on the events surrounding the end of the 4th Age of Forgotten Realms and the beginning of the 5th Age. This campaign picks up early in the year 1489 DR, all Forgotten Realms events before 1488DR being canon history.

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Defenders of Khelb

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