Welcome to a Forgotten Realms 5th Age campaign for D&D 5th Edition.

This campaign is focused on the events surrounding the end of the 4th Age of Forgotten Realms and the beginning of the 5th Age. This campaign picks up early in the year 1489 DR, all Forgotten Realms events before 1488DR being canon history.

Read about the background of the campaign
The Harptos calendar
History of the Realms
The Second Sundering
Latest Events

If you want to know more about my style as a DM, read my Introduction.

Read about the specific home rules for the campaign
Character Building
Campaign’s Rules
Combats’ rules
Skills usage
Spell’s rules
Feats’ rules
Powers’ rules
Downtime Activities

Online game

We play D&D 5th Edition online, using the following Tools of the trade.

We advance the plot every week through short game sessions as well as between game sessions using Discord. Playing online is quite different from playing around a table, so head to the civility page for tips to be mindful of everyone involved in the game.

Defenders of Khelb

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