Story History

Rastaputka, Xiel, Tyro:

We are seeking a Sceptor and Crown (Couleuvrine) that were stolen from a tomb near rastaputka's home town which is a day or two's walk fromSilverymoon (Khelb). The group that invaded Khelb’s tomb (Khelb was a local hero 100 years ago, buried here with his wife, and seemingly betrayed by one of his closest friend) was led by a human, with a “strange looking” bugbear, and a small deep gnome wizard/sorcerer. They probably teleported out of the tomb, as the tomb itself was located over an earth node. The sword was half buried in the stone (a la Excalibur) and you got it out where it told you to recover the 2 objects that were with it and had been stolen.

We came out of the tomb with a woman that had been accompanying the invading group, but she disappeared the next day. Then you chased a Barghest that was attacking the village, and found an underdark entrance with mushroom men that were helping growing Khelb’s mushroom crops. We were hot on the trail (really? Lol, you did not even had a map of where you were going) when we ended up in a drow city, after being captured by a tribe of Quaggoth in the Underdark, and sold as slaves. From there we were teleported to town of 7 pillars, after using the confusion of a coup happening in the Drow House Myett where you were brought to as slaves and killing the surviving drows, thanks to Aramila’s help disguised as a Drow. We disrupted a plot that a drow wizard had going with a merchant named Gendar in 7 Pillars (she was trying to take over the house Myett to serve an Arch Wizard from maerymidra city because something big was coming: Lolth, the Drow goddess had fallen silent..). We were told that the mages of Saruunn who control 7 pillars use Bronze Minataurs to keep the peace. We were offered to "buy in" to the plot in place of the Wizard (who's home we destroyed and gave to a drow resistance movement, The Hidden). The plot was to obtain the secret of making/controlling the minataurs. We declined.

So, we believe the drow mage came to 7 pillars, but that is all that we know. We don't know for sure that she has the crown and scepter (Nothing ever indicated that the Drow mage was even linked to those items). In addition… we used to have a piece of paper that was a "bank debt" of sorts. It said "present this to Temple of Cyric in Pedestal for 500 gold". We took it from the corpse of someone that got in our way (A Hobgoblin Cleric, that was working for the leader of Khelb’s Tomb invading party, a guy named Xeron). So, we believe that if we go to Pedestal, we might be able to find out who hired the Mercs that raided the tomb.

Aramilla was carrying Khelb’s magic sword that always seemed to point in the same direction (when the wielder concentrated). The sword used to have a soul (ie, it would talk and stuff). Now, after having been in Drow hands for a few days (the Hidden brought it back to you in exchange for the House Myett)its just a magic sword that can light up (It is believed the Drow that ended up buying the sword from the Drow slaver used a ritual to tear the soul apart from the sword, which is why it is not responsive anymore), and point in the same direction, we believe the direction to be the crown and/or scepter.

Now that Aramilla is dead, at the hands of the duergar, Rastaputka wants bloody vengeance (and she wants Aramilla's hat which always looked better on Rastaputka anyway). Hopefully we can recover Couleuvrine from the duergar (as well as the hat). There is a thirst for blood among things group, and they're not likely to back down from a fight.

From 7 Pillars we used the sword to guide us. It led us down a path and to the duegar fortress we're currently in. The first time through, we bribed our way through, and basically passed through without incident. We went deeper into the cave system on the other side of the fortress. We ended up in a battle with a group of Orcs and an ogre that obviously were coming from the Duergar stronghold, and that you later identified as belonging to the Bloodreavers tribe and that is where we came across Kialmar. The orcs were fighting with a human that ended up being a lizard-like shifter.


This Genase was lost down here in the caves when we found him. He had been stuck in a flooded area for at least 6 months after being mislead by a human that shifted into a strange lizard like creature, and is responsible for the death of all his party. He claims to be investigating the disappearance of people from the surface, believing they are being treated as slaves by the deurgar. We found a bunch of slaves of which about 2/3 are dead now. There is some doubt as to Kialmar's dedication to prisoners because of this (just kidding). Kialmar hasn't directed the party very much in the direction of his "quest", largely due to the current overlapping of them. He has been a very valuable ally though, and his contributions thus far are hard to overlook.

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We found this female tiefling wizard a short while ago in the duergar fortress. Curia is a magic user and an apprentice of the Mages of Saruun group that governs 7 pillars. She is questing to find a rogue mage that split off from the group. We found evidence of Curia’s prey in area we're currently in. Curia was investigating the possible connection of this rogue mage with possible Duergars slavers, and in a bold move to impress the mages, opted to be taken prisoner to follow this trail incognita… until she got rescued by the group.

Story History

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