Ongoing Story


The party decided to clear out the Horned Hall (where the Duergar were). When the party returned, they found the Hall empty, and all the valuable missing. The decision was made to hunt the Duergar down. The party caught the adventurers within site of the duergar city.

The duergar party is on wide shelf on the edge of a huge underground cavern. They appear to be waiting to load an elevator and descend to the city below. The party charges. A harry battle ensues. The party survives (barely) with 2 members failing 2 death saves. However, they succeed, and are able to rifle through what supplies are there. The sword is not there.

The party destroyed the controls to the elevator, then headed back to Seven Pillars. They bought supplies from Peldomar, but spooked him with poor diplomacy regarding the plot to gain control of Brass Minotaurs. The gnome they rescued from the Horned Hall was missing, and tips led them to believe that he was being used as bait for the party. The party decided to help Curia find the rogue mage after the situation with the gnome was sorted out.

The group went to the other bar (the seedy one) because of tip. They infiltrated the tavern, but Rastaputka was attacked by a drow. Fun ensued. A Duergar guard was captured (unconscious). They took the prisoner back to the Halfing Inn for interrogation.

Ongoing Story

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