Contract with Cuslan Beregond

On the second 6th-day of Ches 1489DR, it is agreed between Cuslan Beregond of Everlund and Sir Chiwyll of House Montjoye in Neverwinter the following:

The company* of Sir Chiwyll will escort Cuslan Beregond and his daughter Chloe to Waterdeep without delays, and do their utmost best to protect them from harm.

Upon safe arrival in Waterdeep, Cuslan Beregond will close and sell his shop “Beregond’s Seafaring Armaments Ltd” and pay Sir Chiwyll’s half the sale’s price as soon as the sale is completed in return for the service provided, or a flat sum of 6000gp..

In the unfortunate event of Mr Beregond’s death due to his wasting disease before reaching Waterdeep, the company of Sir Chiwyll is tasked to escort Chloe and the body of Cuslan Beregond back to Everlund, and to safely return both to the care of the regent of the Beregond’s Estate.

Upon the safe return of Chloe in Everlund, Bolen Sulmaster, regent of the estate of Cuslan Beregond in Everlund, will be taking Chloe under his care until her coming of age. Once the safe return of Chloe and Cuslan Beregond’s body to Everlund is validated with Bolen Sulmaster’s signature, this contract can be brought to the management of “Jillobur’s Dockside Estates” in Waterdeep for them to execute the transfer of property title, free of any debts incurred by Beregond’s Estate.

Signed by
Cuslan Beregond
Chiwyll Montjoye

Drafted and witnessed by
Joren Binder, Priest of Deneir.


*The company of Sir Chiwyl is composed of
Barrus Oakenfoot
Joren Binder
Juniper Willowe
In case of the death of any member of this company, the payments and obligations will be passed to any of the surviving members.

Contract with Cuslan Beregond

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