Defenders of Khelb

Meet with the gnome scout
Eleint, 19, 1372
Rust monsters cave
Eleint, 18, 1372
Bridge with PhaseSpider
Eleint, 18, 1372
Fight in the Drider's Lair
Eleint, 17, 1372

Fight against Commander Zaknoril

Fight against Bulette and Galeb Duhr
Eleint, 16, 1372
Aromycaus - fight with Shambling Mounds
Eleint, 16, 1372
Gnome village and Oni Fight
Eleint, 15, 1372
Squamous Spawn and Ionic Crystal
Eleint, 13, 1372
Floating brains?
How fast can a dwarf fall from a hundred feet.

Eleint, 12, 1372

After the battle, the party found a safe place to rest for 6 hours. It was a bit warm because they hadn’t fully left the area of the lava flows. Rastaputka meditated to regain her strength, being an elf, she didn’t need to sleep. As she meditated and her friend rested, she saw strange undulations in the lava flow at the other side of the cavern that they were resting in. The undulations moved about the various lava flows in the cavern.

Rastaputka decided not to act, and just sat and watched the undulations. After the rest, Rastaputka woke her comrades and pointed out the undulation. Having just fought some fiery creatures, the adventurers were not in the mood to do so again. Curia recognized the creature as a Flame Shard. She commented that they are rare creatures and are a truly evil creature born in the plane of chaos.

They decided to try to distract the creature so they could make a break for it. Rastaputka used her bow to create a diversion at the far end of the cavern in the opposite direction of where they want to go by shooting arrow at the far rock wall of the cavern. The arrows bouncing off of the wall seemed to draw the attention of the creature. When it seemed the creature was as far away as it would get, they bolted.

Ki-amar athletics – pass
Xiel acrobatics – miss.
Rastaputka stealth – pass
Tyro – Endurance – pass
Curia – Arcana (as a helper) – pass
Xiel – Acrobats – pass.

The party just escaped the cavern as the monster exploded from the lava and landed on a rock shelf. It started crawling toward them, but at such a slow rate that they were able to escape.

It was time for them to continue their journey toward Pedistal.

Xiel – stealth – pass

They started seeing less and less lava, and ventured further and further into the underdark. The passage opened up into a cavern with two levels. The party was on the upper level. There was dim light reflecting off of minerals in the walls, but it was enough light to see creatures on the lower level of the cavern. The most noticeable creature was a Grell. It looked like a floating brain with a beak, and tentacles hanging from it. Curia commented to Xiel that they usually didn’t travel alone. Curia recognized other creatures. A Grue, a Berserker, and 2 Manglers. The monsters didn’t notice the party. There were 3 other exits from the cavern, one on each side of the terrace with the monsters, and then another at the far end of the cavern on a smaller, even lower level.

“Which way do we need to go?” Rastaputka asked Royzop who was sitting on her shoulders. He pointed to the exit on the far side of the cavern which was actually on a shelf lower than the main floor of the cavern.

The party decided that they would attack. They felt the Grell would be the toughest creature, so they waited until it floated close enough for everyone’s range weapons, then they attacked.

Xiel attacked first. He threw his dagger and it sank into the brain. 20.

Rastaputka, using her longbow, missed with both of her arrows. The brain was bobbing as it floated, making it difficult to hit.

Ki-amar threw his javelin. Hit for 10. Tyro threw his javelin. Missed. The grell floated up toward xiel and tried to grab him. Xiel was able to avoid the tentacles. Xiel shifted backwards, and threw his dagger again and hit the Grell as part of a Walking Wounded maneuver. His blow knocked the Grell prone causing it to fall to the ground 40 feet below the party.

The berserker charged up the ramp that led to the upper level toward Rastaputka was standing nearest to it, as he swung at her, she stepped back. Rastaputka dropped her bow, shifted forward again, she hit with the Vicious rapier, then crit’d with Mirthuvial. 48 dmg. Bloodied it. The Grue muttered something and moved toward the ramp leading up to the players.

Ki-amar moved next to Rastaputka at the edge of the ledge and stabbed at the Berserker with his javelin. The berserker dodged the blow. Tyro squeezed next to rastapuka and performed a tide of iron. The Berserker was struck by tyro’s axe. Tyro pushed him toward the edge and shifted into the spot he vacated.
Curia cast a phantom bolt at the Berserker, and hit him. Curia entered his mind and slides the berserker over the edge. The berserker was screaming at curia’s psychic damage and failed to catch himself as he fell 40 feet to the bottom of the cliff.

The Grell rose off the floor , then moved up to the top of the cliff. He then succumbed to Xiel’s previous walking wounded damage, and fell to the ground. Xiel hit the berserker with a dagger and killed the berserker.

Rastaputka attempted to darkfire the Grell but missed. She marked it as her quarry, then shifted back and picked up her bow. One of the manglers threw two daggers at Ki-amar, both hit Ki-amar but broke when the struck the genasi’s armor. The grue mentally attacked tyro and slowed him.

Ki-amar moved up next to a mangler, hit it and knocked it off the ramp, though it was only ten feet to the ground from there. Tyro, though slowed, stepped forward to attack the mangler, but missed with his axe. The mangler was shifty and dodged the blow. A mangler had been holding his action, and now that Tyro was close, the mangler climbed up the slope behind tyro flanking him.

Curia missed a mangler with a phantom bolt. Xiel flanked the mangler flanking Tyro, but missed. Rastaputka shot 2 arrows at the Grell, but missed with both. The prone mangler stood and slashed at Tyro with his 4 daggers. It was a dagger dance. But not a good dance. Tyro was able to deflect all the attacks with his shield. The Grue attacked Tyro’s mind, the dwarf started hearing voices. He was psychically damaged.

Ki-amar dropped his javelin, then slammed the ground with an earth shock. The two manglers avoided the shock. He then pulled out his greatsword and struck the mangler that was behind tyro. The attack pushed the mangler off the cliff, then ki-amar allowed rastaputka to shift 20 feet which brought her into the fray.

Tyro pushed the other mangler off the cliff and the creature fell ten feet. Curia cast Incindiary detonation at the grue and the two manglers that were all bunched together right now. She hit all of them with the flaming cloud. Xiel hurled a dagger at the prone mangler. Rastaputka jumped into in between all of the prone creature. She harnessed the power of Mirthuvial to do a Lightning matrix. The attack missed all 4 of them, but anyone starting next to her takes 5 damage. She used an action point to claws of the griffon the grue. She crit’d with Mirthuvial, but missed with her rapier.

One of the manglers stood and fled. As he ran, rastaputka hit him in the back. The grue teleported behind the grell. Ki-amar moved next to the mangler next to rastapuka and struck him with an earth shock. Tyro moved down next to rastaputka, and tried a sweeping blow against the grell and the mangler, missing both. The mangler still in the fray crawled away from the fracas. Curia moved down around the melee, then cast Fire Shroud. The Grell and one of the manglers were hit by the shroud.

The grell grabbed tyro with its tentacles, and crit’d him. The grell pulled him into his square and bit him. The grell then started floating upward from the battle, pulling Tyro with him. Xiel tried jumping down 20 feet from his spot on the ramp, but was distracted and hurt himself on the landing and fell prone. He stood up, then charged the mangler near him. Rastaputka stepped up between the mangler and the Grue. She did a Sudden Strike on the Grue and savaged him. The mangler, while prone, took radiant damage from the ongoing Lightning matrix. As it went to attack Rastaputka, she interrupted the attack and killed him.

The grue, took ongoing damage from the lightning matrix, and died. Ki-amar turned into wind form, and flew up to the grell floating above the battle, and hit the grell. He floated down. He was able to heal tyro slightly, so Tyro was no longer bloodied. The remaining mangler, stood up, still on fire from the flame shroud, and fled behind a stalagmite.

The Grell bit Tyro again, and floated higher, 30 feet up. Xiel missed the Grell with a dagger. Rastaputka raced over to the remaining mangler and twin struck him with both swords. Ki-amar also raced over to themangler and hit him with his Greatsword, and cut his head off. Curia shot a phantom bolt at the Grell, psychically damaged it, and slid the grell higher. The Grell floated higher and bit Tyro again. Tyro was stunned. Xiel threw a dagger at the Grell that was 55 feet in the air, still holding the dwarf. Xiel’s dagger hit the Grell.

Rastaputka ran across the cavern and sheathed her swords and picked up her longsword. Ki-amar used his elven boots to help him get to where he had dropped his javelin, and picked it up. Curia moved over to the ramp. She took aim and cast a sleep spell at the grell (who still held tyro). Grell bit Tyro yet again. Xiel moved directly under the Grell, and pulled out his distance dagger, and threw it at the grell, but missed.

Because of the height of the grell, Rastaputka missed with two arrows. Ki-amar missed with his javelin. Tyro woke up, and he started flailing in the tentacles. Curia cast Phantasmal Assailant at the Grell. Hit for 12 psychic with ongoing 5 damage. The grell bit Tyro again, and stunned Tyro.

Xiel threw another dagger, and hit the Grell and damaged him for 11. Rastaputka shot two more arrows at the Grell but missed both. The grell is nearly 95 feet in the air. Ki-amar tried climbing the wall, but fell back to the ground, then tried again. Tyro woke up again.

Curia pulled out a sunrod, cracked it, and then used mage hand to lift the light. The grell dropped Tyro. It was 95 feet to the ground. Curia cast feather fall, and caught Tyro. Xiel missed with a dagger. Rastaputka shot two arrows. One of the arrows sank into the floating brain. Ki-amar missed with his javelin. Tyro used his second wind and then threw his javelin at the grell, but missed.

Curia moved under the grell holding the sun rod in the air with the mage hand. The grell started floating toward the far end of the cavern, staying close to the ceiling. Xiel threw a dagger, and hit the Grell for 9, and the brain fell to the ground.


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