Barrus Oakenfoot

A dwarven wanderer who may have gone mad...


Barrus sports a full head of shaggy auburn hair and a long, bushy moustache and beard. His figure is a bit stringier than your average dwarf yet his frame is just as short and stout as his kin. His slightly wide-eyed gaze and raised bushy eyebrows always give him a look of awe and innocence, as though everything around him was part of a strange and wonderful dream.

Despite his skill as a wilderness guide, Barrus wanders around Faerûn dreamily, paying little attention to the conflicts and struggles of kingdoms and lords. His innocuous appearance and young age belie a deep worldly wisdom and a keen mind for lore and land. Time spent in isolation and meditation deep in nature leaves Barrus a bit lost in social settings, but his natural curiousity and wistful wandering tells other folks that he isn’t a threat.


Barrus Oakenfoot is a walking enigma — especially to himself.

Like all druids, Barrus knows he must maintain the Great Balance and protect the natural world at all costs. Yet he isn’t quite sure that this is his only purpose in the world. He wanders Faerûn in search of an epiphany; a sign that will lead him on the golden path he often dreams about. Barrus’ dreams aren’t all idyllic, however. At times he is troubled by nightmares: prophetic dreams about a great evil yet to manifest that he is destined to fight.

Barrus Oakenfoot

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