Cuslan Beregond (RIP)

A frail and gaunt, visibly sick and bed ridden, acid-Scarred merchant


Cuslan, a merchant was traveling West to Waterdeep to seek some powerful healer to cure his disease.

Claims to own a weapons’ shop on the docks of Waterdeep.

Says he has two daughters, Satine (oldest) and Chloe (youngest). The latest is traveling with him.

Identified from the emblems on his coach by Chiwyll “ChillyWilly” Montjoye as as a rich merchant from Everlund, where he joined the caravan in his fancy private luxury coach, who has no nobility titles, and may have been an adventurer.

During the ambush on the road to Yartar, Baelfyre witnessed one of Cusland’s guards kill the Sergeant of the caravan’s guards and flee into the nearby woods.

After the ambush, the party discover Cusland and his daughter Chloe who was hiding in the carriage as well. The ambush was set for his capture.

Cusland is a target for as-of-yet unknown reasons
He is seriously ill and approaching death.


- Saved by the adventurers from a large band of evil humanoids and unknown attackers on the 16th of Chess, 15 miles East of Yartar (See Heading West)

- Died on the road from Yartar to Triboar on the dawn of 19th of Ches (See Onward from Yartar)

Cuslan Beregond (RIP)

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