Shopkeeper in 7 Pillars - Gendar Curios and relics


This guy is a shopkeeper in Seven Pillars.

He is a one-eyes drow that has seen some adventuring of his own, and runs what looks like a profitable business in the area of 7 pillars Hall.


When the group (Xiel, Rastaputka, Tyro, Aramila (disguised as a drow) and Nomar) teleports from the portal in the cavern below House Myett in Marerymidra to 7 Pillars, they know nothing about the area.

The first shop they stumble into is owned by Gendar, and as they enter, he recognizes the symbol of House Myett on Aramila. As the group plays along the obviously mistaken identity, and mention that they are messengers of Aluntree (now dead), Gendar tells them that the secrets of the golems may be soon discovered and need another payment (250k gp). The group pass, hinting that they are not interested anymore and the deal is off.

Obviously, Aluntree was looking for some kind of weapons from this guy, and had already paid an hefty sum. She was trying to get some forces for something going on in Maerymidra, linked to an Arch Mage, and the fact that the clerics of Lolth are currently confused by the silence of the Drow goddess.


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