Defenders of Khelb

Hi ho, hi ho, into the Underdark we go

Take a walk on the dark side.

The Defenders of Khelb took an extended rest in Seven Pillars and stocked up on supplies. This time, they really bought some rope. There were fewer shops than there used to be because of recent events (the loss of Gendar and the Duergar).

Curia checked in with the Mages of Sarun (her employers). They were still happy (and busy) with the discovery of the bronze minotaurs that the party found. Curia asked for a sabbatical, but offered to act as an emissary of Sarun and the town of Seven Pillars. The mages weren’t familiar with Pedistal, but were open to anything that Curia could arrange, or find along her way.

To travel to Pedistal, the party had to do skill challenges.

Xiel assisted Rastaputka with perception. The majesty of the caverns… is wonderful.

Royzop realized that the party cannot take routes that he is used to because of their size.

Rastaputka perceived. Royzop told the party to look for a special stalagmite with some writing on it. Rastaputka spoted it.

Curia and Royzop worked together with their Dungeoneering, and led the group safer and deeper into the Underdark.

Royzop wanted the party to climb a steep cavern wall. With Tyro’s endurance, they climbed the hillside safely.

The party rested after about 24 hours of hiking. They found a safe place and rested peacefully.

Ki-amar checked athletics just fine.

Xiel and Rastaputka perceived well.

Curia and Royzop dungeoneering, no problem.

Royzop kept looking sideways at Tyro (from the shoulders of Rastaputka, since the elf offered to carry the little fellow). The gnome felt that the dwarf was slowing them down. Royzop said that they were close to the passage to the middle Underdark.

They looked for a place to sleep, and found one, resting after another 24 hours of hiking.

Now that they were in the Middle Underdark, things got a little tougher.

Rastaputka perceived that is was darker. There was next to no ambient light.

Royzop realized that they headed the wrong way with Curia trying to lead. They had to back track for six hours.

Ki-amar, being athletic, helped the group along.

Tyro, endurance check, tried to find a shortcut, but found lava. Schmuck. The party members each lost 1 healing surge because of the heat. The lava was bubbling. Something came out of one of the bubbles. It was a humanoid shape, but made of flames, holding a flaming Axe. Five Fire Bats appear out of the lava as well. They swooped between the party, Xiel was burned by a bat passing by him. Another bat flew past Royzop and Rastaputka, Royzop ducked, and Rastputka tucked and rolled to avoid being burned. Tyro was buzzed by a bat, and his Black Iron Scale absorbed some of the fire from the bat, but he was still was singed a bit.

Tyro swung his axe at the Fire Bat next to him (4), but missed as the bat flew just out of reach. He stepped back away from the Bat. Xiel escaped the bat next to him (2), and moved into a flank of Bat (3) with Ki-amar. Xiel swatted at the bat with his dagger and struck the fire bat.

The Fire monster emerged from the lava and moved at Tyro who was standing next to Rastaputka. The monster did an immolating strike at Tyro, but Tyro blocked the blow with his shield. Royzop was singed by the heat from the monster. Royzop hopped off of Rastaputka’s shoulders and took a step back next to Ki-amar.

Rastaputka stepped into a Sudden Strike. She missed with her off hand, shifted toward its backside, and hit with Mirthuvial, which weakend the fire monster.

Ki-amar struck like a viper. Hit. Bloodied bat (3).

Curia moved from the back of the pack, up nearer the front. “Use a fireball,” Ki-amar called. Curia nearly stopped dead in her tracks having to think about the absurdity of using a fireball against fire bats. She cast a Phantasmal Assailant at the Fire monster hitting it. She was in his psyche and destroying his mind.

A Bat (1) flew at Royzop and swooped and the gnome and Ki-amar standing next to him. Bat (2) swooped at Ki-amar and Royzop as well. As bat (3) flew away, Xiel was able to strike Bat as it left its spot next to him. That bat swooped Ki-amar and Royzop as well.

Bat (4) swooped Tyro and singed him a little. Bat (5) swooped Rastaputka and singed her.

Tyro attempted to Crack the Shell of the Fire monster, and succeed in sinking his axe into the fire monster. Tryo’s attack was vicious, but the monster wasn’t bloodied yet.

Xiel Blade Vaulted toward the Fire Monster and hit it with his dagger. The smooth move yielded only 19 damage, but bloodied him. The FireMonster took psychic damage from curia’s previous attack. It then shifted back away from Xiel (but still adjacent to Tyro and Rastaputka). Rastaputka interrupted his attack with an interrupting attack with Mirthuvial (30 dmg).

Royzop managed to roll on the ground to put out the flames on his clothing.

Rastaputka attacked, Claws of the Griffon Style, and savaged the fire monster with Mirthuvial. She missed with her rapier.

Ki-amar earthshocked the Fire monster to death, then Inspired the gnome to full health.

Curia pulled out her Wand of Ray of Frost and shot a bolt of frost at Bat (3) and hit it. The ice shards dissolved pretty quickly, but the Fire Bat appeared to be slowed. The Fire Bats swooped the whole party. Royzop was singed. Curia was crit’d, but her Tiefling racial resistance to fire protected her from the flames.

As bat slowly swooped at Royzop, and very fast moving axe struck it and split the bat in half. Xiel took aim and threw his dagger at Bat (1). Xiel burned an action point to attack, but failed miserably.

Rastaputka sheathed her swords and pulled out her bow. She fired two arrows off at a bat and missed. She took a breath (burned an action point) and attacked again. This time both arrows hit, the second was a critical.

Ki-amar threw his javelin at a bat and hit it, then is magica javelin returned to his hand.

Curia hit a bat with a lightning bolt, then the bolt branched targeting two other bats. The bolt arced and hit both of the other bats.

The fire bats swooped again. The first missed Ki-amar. Rastaputka was buzzed by one and her cloak caught fire. Tyro threw his javelin but missed horribly.

Xiel threw his dagger in a Walking Wounded style and hit. The Bat was knocked prone, so it fell to the ground, but was able to slow it’s descent.

Rastaputka shot 2 arrows at the nearest Bat to her. She managed to clip the bat twice, but didn’t too much damage.

Ki-amar surprised the bat next to him with his greatsword, and splattered it into small bits of fire. The attack allowed Xiel a surprise attack. Xiel hurled his dagger at Rastaputka’s bat, and hit it, but like the elf, he only winged it.

Ki-amar spoke up and inspired Rastaputka to heal.

The Walking Wounded Bat swooped Ki-amar. The other bats swooped the other party members. Tyro and Xiel ducked, Royzop rolled, Curia dogded, and Ki-amar was singed for 1.

Tyro threw his javelin and bloodied the bat that was Wounded Walking.

Xiel moved around to a bat that ended its swoop next to Ki-amar. The bat missed with its opportunity attack. Xiel slashed at the fire bat with his dagger and bloodied it.

Royzop wasn’t threatened.

Rastapuka’s armor continued to burn. She missed with her first arrow, but Crit’d with her second.

Ki-amar shouted out a Warlord’s Favor at the Bat that was prone on the ground next to Xiel. He blasted the bat giving Xiel an advantage for his next attack against it.

Curia attempted to help Rastaputka put out her flames, but she wasn’t much help. Sensing her difficulting in helping the elf, she turned an cast a phantom Bolt and destroyed one of the 3 remaining bats and destroyed it. The last two bat swooped the group but missed everyone.

Tyro threw his Javelin and wounded one of the bats. Xiel finished it off with a thrown dagger.

Rastaputka, still on fire, fired two arrows at the last bat, and hit it twice. It was wounded but not bloodied. Ki-amar shifted into wind-walker form and walked into the air to attack the remaining bat, but missed with his attack and then floated back to the ground.

Curia again attempted to help Rastaputka put out her flames, and the two females succeeded in putting out the flames. The bat swooped Xiel, Curia, and Rastaputka, but only hit Xiel.

Tyro missed with his javelin. Xiel’s armor was burning, but he ignored it, and moved over to where the bat was hovering near the floor and attacked. He bloodied the bat.

Rastaputka hit it with Mirthuvial, but missed with her rapier. Ki-amar finished the bat off.

Curia realized that it wasn’t normal lava. It was an entry to the plane of Chaos. The fire monster was an Emberguard Archon which is a guardian for a portal. Curia noted the location to report later to the mages.

Its time to rest.



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