Defenders of Khelb

Fun with Vendettas

Kharma is a 5 letter word.

After dropping their Duergar prisoner in their room upstairs, the adventurers went to the common room to eat. Curia showed up while the group was eating, and she had news for them.

Curia said that the mages stormed Peldomar’s place. They were able to establish a link between Peldomar and Gendar involving a plot with Merimedra. The mages pursued Peldomar, but he disappeared. They did find his laboratory. He had been creating amulets of control for the bronze golems that adventurers had found. The mages believed they scared him out of the area, but they remained on high alert. One of the mage leaders had recently disappeared. They found the body of the missing mage, and recovered the amulet of control from him. They also found a tribe of gnolls in a place which was consecrated for bahamut. They were trying to convert the temple to Vekna. The gnolls were in league with Peldomar. Gendar’s store was seized. The Duergar were banished for slaving with the Orcs.

The party updated Curia as to what happened in the bar and about how they captured their prisoner.

The party woke up the duergar prisoner. They act together to try to intimidate him with Ki-amar leading (and Tyro translates). The Duergar said he knows nothing about the disappearance of the Gnome. Word was that the duergar were kicked out because of an elven bitch, and he stared at Rastaputka with loathing. Rastaputka slapped him when the translation comes across from the Duergar’s dwarven to the common she understood. He said that his boss would know and Chamber of the Eye is where his boss is. Tyro asked about the magic weapon that Aramila dropped. He recalled seeing a sword that was brought back from the Horned Hall. He said “Kedira” received the longsword and would be at the Chamber of the Eye.

When the group was done interrogating their prisoner, Curia signaled her mage buddies to come and take the prisoner into custody. The adventurers decided to head to the Chamber of the Eye. They gathered their stuff, paid their bill, and headed into the town center. As they head to leave 7 pillars through one of the northern tunnels, Rastaputka noticed out of the corner of her eye a shadow moving, she felt that someone was following them. After they progressed down the tunnel a bit, Xiel and Rastaputka slip into rocky alcoves on the side of the tunnel, while the other three move forward with the light source, leaving them in the darkness. The 3 with the light got about 300 feet away while Xiel and Rastaputka waited. They tired of waiting, and stepped out of the edges with their lights unshuttered. With their lights now exposed, Ki-amar, Curia and Tyro come back to meet their stealthy allies. Together they searched the area and found some footpritnts that went right by Xiel’s hiding spot, but the prints returned back the way they came toward 7 pillars.

Xeil decided to set a noise trap in the corridor (skill challenge). Tyro and Ki-amar hung back to distract any possible pursuer while Rastaputka, Xiel, and Curia work to set a trap in a mushroom patch a little further down the tunnel. With the trap set, Rastaputka used her Hat of Disguise to give herself the appearance of a bladeling. Xiel and Rastaputka once again hid in crevases in the tunnel walls. The other 3 moved away down the tunnel pretending to be the whole party.

Xiel and Rastaputka heard a noise in the trap. Xiel showed his light and charged out. He saw a Drow prone in the trap. Xiel moved next to the Drow ,“What are you following us for?” he asked in Common. The Drow said nothing but stood up and started to flee.

Rastaputka changed her appearance from a Bladeling into a Drow and yelled, “We won’t hurt you, we can help you.” She moved about half the distance to him. The other three members started running back. Xiel dashed after the Drow and caught him. With his dagger, Xiel cut him. The Drow tried to flee againg. as he attempted to flee, Xiel struck (opportunity) and sliced him. Rastaputka sprinted a full sprint, then charged, and bloodied the Drow. Curia started to run back. Xiel sprinted next to Rastaputka and the Drow, and dove at the drow trying to tackle him. Xiel’s rugby league dive missed the Drow. The Drow tried to flee again, but Xiel, prone, attacked him and sliced his leg from behind. Rastaputka took the opportunity to knock the Drow out.

Just after knocking out the Drow, Rastapukta heard footsteps coming from the darkness in the direction of Seven Pillars. She covered her light and stepped into the shadows along the tunnel wall. She was a little surprised as Gendar appeared out of the darkness, and went straight toward Rastaputka. He covered her with darkfire, then struck her with his sword. She could feel an Aura of Dispair emanating from him. Curia and Tyro were still running back from their vanguard position.

Another Drow appeared and shot Rastaputka with a hand crossbow poisoning her and slowed her. Xiel stood up and threw a dagger at the new drow and hit him. Rastaputka tried to hit with Claws of the Griffon, but misses because of the poison. She shook off the poison. Gendar stepped next to Rastaputka and attacked her, she tried to do an immediate attack and missed with a 30 v AC. The despair wears offs, as did the darkfire as Gendar stepped back 10 feet.

Curia finally was within range and cast sleep. The sleep spell hit the Drow but not Gendar. Both of the Dark elves are slowed. The non-Gendar drow shot a crossbow at Curia. As the bolt was about to hit her, and she cast shield and deflected the bolt. The Drow failed the save against the sleep but only because of additional magic (orb of impenetrable escape) from Curia. The Drow fell unconscious.

Xiel moved toward the recently unconscious Drow, then threw daggers at him, severely wounding him. Rastaputka took a breath and did a second wind, after taking damage from Gendar’s previous attack. Gendar stepped forward to attack her, but she Weaved Through the Gray and stepped back. Gendar’s flail is huge though, and he hits her from distance and bloodied her.

Curia cast chain lighting, targeting the first unconscious drow, to try to bounce a chain lightning off of him but missed. The other Drow was still asleep/unconscious.

Ki-amar stepped up to the unconscious Drow and coup-de-grace’d him.

Rastaputka shifted next to Gendar and missed. Gendar shifted against the wall into a corner next to Rastaputka so that he couldn’t be flanked. Then he hit Rastaputka with his flail.

Curia stepped closer and cast cloud of daggers, in an attempt to flush gendar out of the corner. Gendar was hit, and stood in the cloud. Tyro charged Gendar next to Rastaputka and missed.

Xiel missed Gendar with a thrown dagger.

Ki-amar healed Rastaputka, then missed Gendar with a javelin.

Rastaputka missed with her swords, and tried to shift, but Gendar pulled her back and dazed her.

Gendar got hurt by the cloud of daggers, but still hit Rastaputka.

Curia cast another cloud of daggers (crit).

Tyro dropped his shield and grab Gendar. With his mighty strength he tried to pull Gendar out of the corner, but Gendar resisted the pull but not the grab.

Ki-amar moved next to Gendar (fully trapped by the three players) and attempted a White Raven Onslaught, and included Rastaputka so that if she hit Gendar, she could shift an ally.

Rastaputka tried to hit with a two-wolf pounce, missed, but she successfully shifted two squares away.

Gendar tried to shake of Tyro but failed, then swung his flail and hit the dwarf.

Curia tried to dispel Gendar’s Aura of Despair but failed.

Tryo dug deep and pulled Gendar back 10 feet out of the corner. Gendar was then next to Tyro and Rastaputka. Ki-amar stepped into a flank with Tyro, but missed with a warlord’s favor. He performed an earth shock, but failed.

Xiel stepped next Ki-amar, into a flank with Rastaputka, but missed.

Rastaputka hit Gendar with her main weapon and got a bonus from Ki-amar, but missed with her off hand.

Gendar shook off Tyro, then hit the dwarf with his flail.

Curia cast Icy Rays, but missed. Tyro took ongoing damage from the previous attack. He swung and missed with a 30.

Ki-amar knocked Gendar prone and bloodied him (Earth shock). Ki-amar then missed with a viper strike.

Rastaputka damaged Gendar with a miss with hunt’s end.( ½ damage )

Gendar hit Tyro with his flail.

Curia cast cloud of daggers, missed, but the cloud still appeared.

Tyro missed a crack the shell. Used unstoppable for more HP.

Ki-amar missed with a viper strike.

Rastaputka missed.

Gendar took 3 damage from the cloud of daggers. Tyro and Ki-amar both missed attacks of opportunity. Gendar attacked Tyro and hit.

Curia misses with a cloud of daggers.

Tyro, second wind. Sure strike, miss.

Ki-amar shifted to stop Gendar from being able to get into the corner again.

Xiel knocked Gendar unconscious from behind.



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