Defenders of Khelb

Learing how to NOT decapitate the enemy...

Trying to find the gnome.

Rastaputka disguised herself as a drow priestess and went into the bar. It was a loud tavern. Near the door were some Orcs and goblins. On the right, the serving bar ran most of the length of the wall. On the left side of the room were a bunch of tables and chairs. Some empty, some full. There was a performance platform near the back on the left, where normally arm wrestling and brawling took place. It was a seedy bar. In order to not draw attention to herself, she attempted to intimidate everyone. As she stepped further into the bar Rastaputka could here a few comments like “Drow Bitch”, but she entered otherwise unmolested. She moved near the end of the serving bar close to the stairs up to the second level, and the door to the kitchen.

Tyro and Xiel stood outside a near a window as Ki-amar entered a few minutes after Rastaputka. Ki-amar went in with his water-based form, but didn’t look very intimidating. A huge orc, sitting at a table with four friends, stood up and spit in front of Ki-amar, “Here’s my water bitch.” He snarled. Ki-amar punched the orc in the face. The orc fell to the floor, and his friends laughed at him and returned to their beers. The orc tried to rise but his friends held him back. Ki-amar just walked away and the orcs all started drinking again.

Xiel watched from the window and waited. Ki-amar and Rastaputka looked around the room, but nothing of note stood out, other than the flight of stairs up to the balcony about 15 feet above the main room. A few minutes after Ki-amar’s entrance, Tyro walked into the bar, also attempting to look intimidating. Some goblins made goblin based dwarf jokes about Tyro’s lineage. The goblins found the jokes to be the funniest things they’d ever heard, though no one else in the bar seemed to get them. Xiel followed in Tyro’s wake and inconspicuously hid in the corner by the door. One of the goblins stepped up and put its chest against Tyro’s. Tyro tried to strike the goblin, but missed. The goblins all reached for their weapons.

Xiel grabbed the goblin to the side of Tyro. He said in the goblin’s ear “Bad Idea”. The Goblin was really surprised having not seen Xiel standing there. The goblin in front of Tyro stepped back.

The innkeeper yelled “These are my customers. Leave them alone” at the goblins. They sat back down. Tyro and Xiel then headed to the bar. They got a couple of beers and walk over to an empty table in the middle of the bar. As Xiel finished his drink, he called the serving wench over, and inquired about a gnome.

“Yeah, I heard about a gnome. He didn’t come here, but he was spending money elsewhere. He had a story about being abducted by Duergar. It’s too bad he didn’t spend money here.” She glanced at the Duergar. Xiel slid her 10 gold. She made the money disappear. “I’ll see what I can find out.”

A male drow came down the stairs, next to Rastaputka and appeared confused. He blinked, and then Rastaputka noticed him using drow sign language, but she didn’t react in time. The drow pulled out a hand crossbow and shot Rastaputka in the gut. She felt the bite of the bolt and the sting of a poison.

Rastaputka attempted to retaliate, but the poison was giving her a little vertigo. She missed with both of her attacks, the drow easily deflecting them. The clamor in the bar was loud enough to mask the noises of the brewing conflict between the elves.

Ki-amar and Xiel saw the Drow engaging with their friend, but Tyro was looking at the wench’s voluptuous breats. For a dwarf, liking human breasts was a perversion, but that didn’t bother him. Xiel figured that something is wrong. He vaulted up out of his chair and scanned the room quickly. No one else seemed to notice anything yet, so Xiel moved toward Rastaputka trying not to attract notice. Ki-amar waited to see if anyone else was going to act. Tyro moved to the center of the bar, pulled out his javelin, and threw it at the Drow. Clearly, the art of subtlety wasn’t something that he had learned. However, accuracy was in Tyro’s repitoire. The javelin missed Rastaputka by a hair, but sank into the drow’s shoulder (crit). The javelin disappeared and reappeared back in Tyro’s hand.

The drow grabbed his rapier with the hand that wasn’t holding the hand crossbow and slashed Rastaputka. Again she felt the sting of poison, but it doesn’t stop the warrior maiden. Rastaputka hits with both of her magical rapiers, her quarry felt the damage from her attack magnified by the magical bracers on her forearms. Xiel moved next to Rastaputka then shifted around behind the drow into a flank, drews his dagger, and backstabbed the drow. The drow was bloodied.

The patrons finally realized something was going down. The golbins fighting on the stage (for entertainment) stopped and turned. A few dwarves moved to leave. Some humans in the back stood up and moved closer, though it was hard to tell if they were leaving or about to get involved. Ki-amar saw another drow up on the balcony above that looked down on the area below. The drow was taking aim toward Rastaputka with a crossbow. Ki-amar pulled out his magic javelin and hurled it javelin at the drow. He hit the drow in the leg between two railing supports. Ki-amar then tried to pretend he hadn’t done anything, but was noticed when his magic javelin reappeared in his hand.

A hobgoblin sitting at a table near Tyro, stepped behind him, and swung a flail and missed as Tyro duck. He had seen the movement of the Hobgoblin out of the corner of his eye. The goblins by the front door were still oblivious. Tyro switched to his axe and hit the hobgoblin with a massive swing and bloodied it.

The drow on the balcony changed targets and shot his crossbow at Ki-amar but missed. The goblins on stage sat down on the edge of the stage to watch the fight. More patrons moved to leave. The drunk orcs near the front door started singing.

The flanked drow (between Rastaputka and Xiel) shifted away and moved toward the back of the bar. Rastaputka was about to let him flee. She followed and with a savage Claws of the Griffon attack from behind and damaged the drow so much that his head fell from his body and still continued to take damage. The humans that had stood up earlier looked at the Elf ranger that just got drenched in blood by the decapitated corpse of the drow, and decided not to get involved in the fight. They moved to head toward the front of the bar. One of the two Duergar’s that were in the bar turned away from the goblins that were no longer fighting on the stage and saw Rastaputka. The first pulled a quill from his beard and threw it at Rastaputka. The bloodlusting elf dodged the quill, but wasn’t able to dodge the crossbow bolt that followed it. The Duergar scout disappeared.

A second hobglin near Tyro stood and attacked the dwarf, but he dodge the blow

The Orcs kept singing.

A goblin that had been watching the goblin fight on the stage, walked up to the former combatants that had stopped and sat down, and struck one of them with his fist. The three goblins started their own little skirmish on the stage.

The other Duergar in the bar, a Guard, moved behind Rastaputka. He threw a quill which hit her in the arm. She could feel that it was poisoned, but the magic of her armor drew out the poison

Ki-amar flowed through the tables and chairs in his water form, then coalesced next to the two Hobgoblins that had attacked Tyro. He Earth-shocked both hobgoblins. They both fall prone. The first died from the concussion of the attack. The second rolled away a bit, stood, and tried to get help from his other buddies. They weren’t having it. They pushed him next to Ki-amar as a sacrafice, and they fled. The goblins that had been sitting near the door that Tyro scuffled with, turned and moved closer to Tyro.

The humans that Rastaputka had intimidated ran toward the front exit. A serving wench came out of the kitchen saw what was going on, and screamed.

Tyro shifted forward next to Ki-amar and attacked the Hobgoblin that survived Ki-amar’s earth shock. Tyro knocked him unconscious instead of killing him. The Orcs continued to sing.

Rastaputka turned and attacked the Duergar guard. She hit with her vicious rapier but missed with the duelist rapier in her other hand. Xiel squeezed by the wench and attacked the Duergar guard from behind. The duergar was bloodied by the attack. Xiel’s provided a sneak attack bonus to the next person to attack the Duergar guard while having combat advantage.

The Duergar Scout reappeared, shot his crossbow at Rastaputka. Not seeing it coming, she was hit in the back. She was bloodied by the attack. The Duergar Guard enacted his “eternal flame” and started to glow. He shifted out of the flank with Xiel and hit the elf with his hammer. Rastaputka was close to death.

The goblins were fighting on stage. The Orcs singing got louder and it became apparent that they wanted more beer. Humans and dwarves near the front door continued to flee.

Ki-amar jumped over a table, moved toward the back of the bar. He healed Rastaputka, but missed with an attack at the Duergar Guard. Tyro moved a little further toward the back of the bar but then waited, watching for the Duergar Scout to reappear. The goblins on stage stopped fighting having seen Tyro, and start running toward him. Racial hatred runs deep.

The orcs are continued singing.

Rastaputka knocks out the Duergar Guard (instead of killing him). The party was still looking for information, and a Duergar prisoner might help.

Xiel went upstairs to find the other drow but didn’t see him. Open windows and a lack of patrons suggested to Xiel that many fled out the windows. The drow upstairs was gone.

Ki-amar put his sword to the throat of the unconscious Duergar and said “We don’t want to kill anyone, show yourself” hoping to draw out the invisible Duergar scout. Nothing happened.

Tyro looked and saw that the back door was open. The goblins from the front of the bar all change their mind about attacking and decided to flee. The troglodytes in the bar grabed their beer and fled. The goblins from the stage reengage each other.

Xiel came back downstairs and said that there was nothing up there. Rastaputka grabbed the unconscious guard and fled out the back door. Tyro, Xiel, and Ki-amar follow. The party fled into the city as the local constabulary approached the front of the bar. The adventurers worked their way back to the Halfling Inn. They got a room and managed to sneak the unconscious Duegar into the room without anyone in the common room being the wiser.



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