Defenders of Khelb

Reunions are nice.....

That feels good in my hand.... (Thats what she said)

With the immediate threat taken care of, Rastaputka ran back to where the battle with the Devil’s and Duergar had started. She feared some unseen and obscene twist of fate might take Mirthuvial out of their reach again. She came back upon the scene of the encounter with the devil and there on the ground, still in the hand of Kedara was Mirthuvial. She reverently picked up the sword, and returned to her comrades in the sacrificial chamber.

The prisoner Duergar was an older fellow covered completely by the greasy spikes. He remained quiet with his hands out to the side while everyone caught their breath. Rastaputka returned to the chamber. The gnome was unconscious and had been badly beaten. Xiel and Rastaputka didn’t detect any traps on the manacles holding the gnome. Curia examined him and didn’t detect any magic effects on him. Xiel picked the locks holding the gnome and freed him.

Rastaputka gagged the prisoner Duergar and the party went up to the rooms near where the battle had started. The first room was a slightly lavish bedroom. The second room resembled a meeting room. The group decided to take a 5 minute rest. During the rest, Curia examined Mirthuvial. She discerned that it was an Artifact sword, Eye-stalker, +2 weapon, with a Dark Fire encounter power, a Daylight Matrix daily, and a detect object daily. In addition, it aids in understanding the Underdark, and gives a bonus to dungeoneering. The sword had a desire, which is to be reunited with the Coulevar, the crown of Khelb. The sword emitted emotions, and in addition to the desire, it sought a wielder. Curia realized that the sword could change shapes take the form of a military weapon that the wielder desired.

With such a powerful and useful weapon now at their disposal, the party talked over who should wield the sword. In the end, Rastapatuka’s relation to Khelb, her ongoing quest to get the crown, and her martial skills, won through and the party collectively agreed that it would probably be best in her hands for the time being. It should be pointed out, that Ki-amar, spent most of the conversation staring off into space, and a little spittle of drool dripped down the side of his mouth. He had been considered a possible wielder of the weapon, but aside from his current lethargy, he was pretty buff as it was, and the great sword sheathed to his back was nothing to complain about.

When it was decided, Rastaputka took the sword back from Curia. She held it reverently with bothe hands and said a prayer to Correlon. “I solemnly swear and declare that I will find Coulevar, and reunite you, Mythruvial, with the crown and staff of Khelb.” The sword emanated the feeling of not caring about the staff, but it was happy about the crown. The sword shifted shapes from the bastard sword it was at the end of the battle, to a sleek sharp longsword that felt perfectly balanced in the martial elf’s grip. Rastaputka visible relaxed and a smile appeared on her face. She felt calmed by the feeling of the sword in her hand, and a renewed sense of purpose as she thought about retrieving Coulevar.

The party inspected the rooms. Xiel found a chest, and discovered a lock for a key they found on the body of Kedara. Inside the chest, he found a bronze crown, a potion, a garnet, another potion, a gold bracelet, 150 gp, a Sapphire, and a third potion. The group found 2 matching stones, that are polished. One was on Kedara’s person and the other was on another Duergar. Curia discovered that the 3 potions and the stones were magical. After another 5 minutes of inspection, Curia was able to sort out the items. One was a potion of healing, a potion of storm shield, and a potion of regeneration. The stones were a communication device, allowing people to send verbal messages to each other over great distances.

The party put the gnome in the bed, and covered up to be hidden from quick glances. He was so beaten up that the party didn’t have the healing powers necessary to revive him without spending six hours there. At the moment, they didn’t have time wait since they knew that there were still enemies in area.

It was time now to deal with those enemies. Their Duergar prisoner had cooperated fully so far, though he didn’t seem to appreciate having the gag in his mouth. “Are you going to cooperate?” Tyro asked in Dwarven. The Duergar nodded and they ungagged him. “What are you doing here?”

“We got thrown out of Seven Pillars. This is a temporary location while we figure out where to set up our operations next,” he responded.

The party huddled up and tried to figure out what to do.

Rastaputka asked, “Do you know Aluntree?” Tyro translated it to dwarven.

The Duergar shook his head. “Nope. Never heard of him or her”.

Tyro followed with a question, “What is your role?”

“I’m an elder of Grimswold. I was here to talk with Kedara. She was the head of the Horned hall. She was working with Murklemor.”

Curia said, in dwarven, “Go back. Go back to Grimswold. Leave here. We burned you out of the horned hall,we burned you out of here. Will you leave here, leave the labyrinth area around Seven Pillars? We’ll spare the lives of your brethren here if you agree, but know this, you only get this offer once, and if we find you here again, it’ll be on like Corellon”. Rastaputka couldn’t help but smile inwardly at the use of her Diety as a threat to the Duergar.

He stared at the Teifling female for a minute then nodded slowly. “Yes. I agree. There are orcs here too, so you know. I can make the Duergar leave, but the orcs will be your problem.”

Xiel nodded, “No problem.” Like lightning, he pulled a dagger, then licked its blade in anticipation.

“Where are they?” Curia asked.

“They’re drinking in the hall, the orc and my brethren.” He said.

“Here’s the deal” Curia said. “Tyro will disguise himself as Kidara, using the Hat of Disguise. The Duergar will see through it, however, the Orcs shouldn’t. We’ll bind your hands behind you, as a precaution for us. You and Tyro go in the room and you get the Duergar to leave, and then we’ll finish the Orcs”.

“Ok.” He said.

Tyro and the Duergar entered the main Hall which was just to the south of the large sacrificial chamber where their last battle had finished. Inside the Hall Orcs and Duergar were drinking and dicing. There was no whoring going on due to the lack of ladies, though one funny looking Orc was eyeing one of the Duergar in a funny way. The entrance of the two dwarves into the room only illicited a big “hey” from the Orcs. The Orcs saw Kidara and the Duergar, but the Duergar that looked up saw Tyro. It was only a mean stare from their leader that kept the Duergar from responding.

The Duergar leader walked to the nearest Duergar in the hall and whispered into his ear. The Duergar wandered over to an associated while the leader indicated to Tyro that they could go back in the hallway. Over the next few minutes, Duergar slowly started leaving the drinking hall, and entering the hallway. They were surprised to see the Defenders of Khelb standing there. Their leader kept them quiet though. The Duergar cleared out slowly enough that the orcs didn’t know that anything was amiss.

The party escorted the Duergar to the front door, let them out and then bolted the door behind them. Time for business. Curia took the Hat of the Disguise, and transformed into the look of an Orc, the one that they killed a short while ago.

The drinking hall where the orcs were having a good time had two entrances. One entrance, at the ground level was where the Duergar had exited the hall. The second was higher up and led in from the sacrificial chamber. The door was opposite the door where the party entered the chamber when they had been chasing the Duergar leader. The party got ready to barge in to attack the orcs. Rastaputka and Ki-amar went to the bottom door, and the other three went to the upper door. While at the top of the stairs, Curia saw a magic containment circle around the statue that presided over the sacrificial hall. “We’ll deal with that later,” she said.

They got ready to ambush the orcs. Curia, using the hat and looking like the orc leader the party had killed with Kidara, entered the Drinking Hall. She stood on small balcony, the room laid out before her. Stairs going down to the main floor of the room went down to her right along the wall. All five of the orcs looked up, saw their “leader”, and went back to their drinking. From her vantage point above the room, she cast “orb master’s incendiary detonation” at the unsuspecting Orcs. The spell exploded in the middle of the circle of orcs, and orcs went flying. Only one managed to withstand the blast and stay on his feet. Three died as they crashed in the walls of the room, blood stained the walls where their heads and smashed bodies hit the wall. The strongest and biggest of the five laid prone from the blast.

Tyro charged into the room and attacked the orc that was still standing. Tyro swung his mighty axe and cut the orc in half. As the upper half of the orc fell, it couldn’t comprehend what had happened as it hit the ground. It died a few seconds later, its entrails being pulled out of the wound by gravity. Rastaputka charged in toward the one remaining live orc that was laying on the ground. She slashed with Mirthuvial and cut open his arm as he rolled away. With quickness that was unexpected, he stood and turned on Rastaputka. She quickly tried to disrupt his pending attack but was too surprised by his quickness to hit. He swung his great axe at her and cut her leg as she was unable to completely parry the blow.

Curia took aim and Flames (Fire Shroud) burst out of Curia and flew across the room. The flames landed on the orc and shrouded him in Flames. The smell of burnt hair and flesh burst into the room. Tyro moved around behind the orc, flanking him with Rastaputka, and sank his axe into the Orc’s back. The blade cut through the armor and cut him. The orc quickly turned and retaliated with his axe and sliced a wound on Tyro’s clavicle. Rastaputka danced into a Claws of the Griffon attack. She slashed with Mirthuvial and stabbed with her vicious rapier, and her bracers glowed magically adding to the damage.. and she spilled blood.

Ki-amar jumped on the table next to the Orc and struck him with a Warlord’s favor. The favor went to Rastaputka, and Ki-amar slashed the orc with his greatsword. Xiel swung around behind tyro to flank the orc with Ki-amar. Dancing into a Blade Vault, Xiel backstabbed the Orc for 30, finally bloodying him. The Orc tried to shift out of the flank away from Tyro and Xiel, but Tyro’s mark granted him a Fighter’s combat challenge. Tyro attacked him as he shifted away, and cut him in the leg. The orc, now free of the flank, turned on the only adjacent enemy, Rastaputka. He struck her with his great axe. Mirthuvial deflected the blow, but it still bit into her leather armor. He swung at her again and missed, then swung again, but still missed as she adeptly maneuvered out of harm’s way.

Curia cast Phantom bolt which stuck the Orc, and pulled him back to his original position in a 4 person flank. Tyro took aim at the sliding Orc, and Crit’d the orc for 32. Rastaputka again struck with both of her swords. The orc missed with a reaction attack. Ki-amar Earthshocked, and the Orc fell dead, his brain shattered into mush by the Genasi’s Earth Power.

Level Up.



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