Defenders of Khelb

That's my bike punk... I mean sword...

Its baaaaaaaack.

Having captured Gendar alive, the Defenders of Khelb decided to interrogate him. They revived him from his unconscious state. When he came to, Ki-amar was the first to speak to him. “Why were following us?” Ki-amar asked.

Groggily Gendar replied, “I was ordered by my kin. The arch-mage of Merymedra sent us to kill you for foiling our plot to use the Golems as reinforcements.”

“Do you know where paldomar is now? “ Rastaputka inquired.

“No. We just know that you disrupted our plot. As I said, we’re merely here to kill you.”

“What did you need as proof?” Asked the Genasi.

Gender was an intelligent Drow, and had an inkling of hope that he might not be killed. “My word would be enough, if the other assassins were dead.” Rastaputka walked over to the unconscious Drow that had been caught up in Xiel’s trap and killed him. She turned back to Gendar and winked at him.

“What is your life worth to you,” the elf maiden asked.

“As much as yours is to you,” Gendar replied.

The party huddled together and discussed briefly a few ideas. When they made up their mind, the told Gendar, who nodded acceptingly that he would cooperate. The party bound Gendar’s wrists behind his back, and put a cloak on him to hide the bindings. Rastaputka puts her Hat of Disguise on Gendar’s head. He shifted his appearance to look like a human. The party walked back to 7 Pillars. Rastaputka travelled next to Gendar in order to pull off the hat if he decided to shift into a different, more troublesome appearance.

They made it back to 7 Pillars safely, and took up a room in their favorite (and the only) Inn. After six hours, the whole party was fully rested, with the exception of their prisoner who was tied up in an uncomfortable position during that time. After the party got their gear together to leave, Rastaputka asked “Which exit from town do you want to leave by?”

“The south.” Gendar replied. The adventurers headed out of the in and to the south exit of the town. When they arrived, Gender said “As thanks for my life, here is some information you may find useful.”

Gendar continued, “There is a mad dwarf, named Thaincardenas, that is wandering the labyrinth (the underground area around Seven Pillars). He’s got a rag tag band of miners with him. The dwarves of the silver-shield hall are after him because he killed one of them and stole a crown. There is a 500 gold reward for the crown and more if you return him alive. The rumor is that he’s starting his own Dwarven clan. There are also a bunch of krithik running around. It is said that in the palace of Zaandul, there is a statue of Bahamut that would be of archaeological significance to the mages. As you’ve seen from my store, I deal with relics. Nearby there is a blue dragon statue with Obsidian eyes. The hall has been looted, but the statue remains. Lastly, there are rumors that from time to time, there is an assassin that comes into town. He’s a shade, but he requires a human child as payment. Belendithas is the creature’s name.”

After receiving all the information that Gendar had to offer, Rastaputka took the Hat of Disguise. Gendar’s illusion of a human faded. She unbound his hands. “Well…. See you never” the Elf Maiden said. Gendar headed off into the darkness.

The party went back to the north tunnel to head to the Chamber of the Eye. The lichen in the tunnel started glowing dimly again. Rastputka determined that there was a pattern to the lichen’s glowing and dimming. There would be about 4-5 hours of light until things go dark again.

After 2.5 hours of hiking, the party made it to a door that was known to be the entrance to the Chamber of the Eye. This place was a ruined shrine. Along a long hallway, they group found an opening and walked inside. The group looked around for signs of the Duergar. They found tracks of dwarves and humans and orcs.

The room was about 30 feet wide by 60 deep. It appeared to be an antechamber. There were two statues next to a stairway on the right. At the top of the stairs was a door. There were heaps of rubble in the room. A balcony looked over the far side of the room from a height of 15 feet. The room appeared to have been used as an open shrine. The tracks led in and out through the door. They investigated the door. There is a symbol on the door. It had an eye carved into it which was a sign of Bahamut. It was also associated with Gonahaduar, the god of slime. Xiel looked for traps. He noticed that there was no lock/latch on this side of the door. Curia tried to detect magic but found nothing. Rastaputka heard muttering behind the door , but it sounded like it was not close to the door.

The party decided to climb up the balcony. Ki-amar tried to scramble up the balcony but fell off as his hand grabbed a loose stone. Rastaputka, who usually was quite adept at such activities, also slipped as she climbed, but adeptly rolled when she hit the ground, only scratching herself. Xiel made the climb to the balcony and dropped a rope. Curia ungracefully went up the rope, but got a little banged up as she ascended. She made some grunts and exclamations as she climbed the rope, but the noise didn’t appear to raise an alarm. As Tyro climbed the rop, Xiel heard something behind the small door to the right side of the balcony. Tyro scrambled onto the balcony, and Rastaputka was up the rope right behind him. Ki-amar moved next to the door in anticipation of something emerging.

The door opened and a Hobgoblin with a bow appeared. Curia had been waiting for the door to open, and she unleashed a Phantom bolt that blasted a critical in the hobgoblin’s chest. The psychic force of blow pulled the monster out of the doorway and onto the balcony.

Ki-amar performed a vicious quick Viper’s Strike at the Hobgoblin and sliced its arm open. The Hobgoblin yelled “intruders” and dropped his bow. It tried to shift back into the doorway. Ki-amar ’s attack allowed Rastaputka to take a quick attack, with which she bloodied the Hobgoblin. Rastaputka stepped in front of the doorway following the backpeddling Hobgoblin, envisioned the hobgoblin as her quarry, and swung with both of her swords and cut the Hobgoblin’s head off.

Xiel stepped past Rastaputka through the doorway, and saw down a staircase going down to the right. Off to his left, the passageway went deeper into the building. At the bottom of the stairs, Xiel saw a 25×25 room with 2 Duergar and a Hobgoblin with a bow.

Tyro ran past Rastaputka and Xiel, then down the stairs and charged the nearest Duergar, but the dark dwarf dodged Tyro’s swing. The hobgoblin shot Tyro with is bow, the arrow sank into his thigh. Curia moved from the balcony through the doorway to the top of the stairs behind Xiel. From her vantage point, she cast Incendiary Detonation, and blasted the room with a shockwave of force. All three of the monsters in room were wounded and knocked prone. Flames lingered.

Ki-amar moved down the stairway next to the Duergar deeper in the room and the Hobgoblin. With a mighty earthshock, Ki-amar blasted the two Duergar, the action granted Ki-amar temporary health. The Duergar next to Tyro was not wounded by the lingering flames. He stood, and unleashed his Infernal Wrath and swung his hammer at Tyro he blocked the blow with his shield. The other Duergar stood, raged, and swung his war hammer and hit Ki-amar on his shoulder.

Rastaputka moved down the stairs and attacked the Duergar standing next to Tyro. She stabbed the Duergar with her vicious rapier in her right hand, but missed with the Duelist Rapier in her left hand.

Xiel, from the top of the stairs, threw his dagger at the Duergar next to Tyro and Rastaputka. The dagger bloodied the Duergar. Xiel started moving down the stairs. Tyro shifted to his right and attempted a tide of Iron, but missed.

The hobgoblin was wounded by the lingering flames, then stood up, shifted back, and prepared his knocked his bow preparing to fire.

Ki-amar , shifted out of a flank and next to the Duergar, but the Infernal Rage allowed the Duergar to shift out of the new flank immediately. The dark dwarf was still attacked by Ki-amar though who nearly knocked the Duergar down. His attack gave the party a chance to shift into better positions.

The Duergar, started to attack Ki-amar , but this allowed Tyro to attack, and Tyro brought the Duergar down, gore pouring from the fatal wound. The remaining Duergar pulled out his poisonous spike, and threw it at Ki-amar , but the Genasi shrugged off the poison.

Battle continued.. but not for long.

After the battle….

The party rested for 5 minutes, and explored the room. The hobgoblin was carrying a key, which the party claimed and 17 gp, went into the handy Haversack. They could hear noise in the distance from the direction opposite of where they had come from. They decided not to investigate those noises yet.

The adventurers went back up the stairs that they and just come down, and went down the hallway that was the only unexplored direction on the second floor. It was only wide enough to walk single file. At the end of the hall was a door. Rastaputka listened at the door and heard a language that she didn’t recognize. She thought there were at least 3 different voices. She whispered the information back to the group, and Curia moved forward to listen because she knew more languages. Curia recognized it as Supernal. The voices were discussing their favorite ways to torture someone. She relayed this to group, quietly, then moved back to the end of the line. Rastaputka moved to the front again, Tyro behind her, followed by Ki-amar , Xiel, then Curia. The elf gently opened the door to peer inside. She saw two devilish creatures and a hobgoblin shaman.

Surprising the monsters, Rastaputka pounced… she shifted into the room, cut the shaman with her vicious rapier, then shifted between all 3 monsters and devastated the hobgoblin shaman with her duelist’s rapier, and bloodied the Shaman with a major score from shoulder to waist. Ki-amar charged in and further damaged the shaman who was so surprised by the adventures attack that he couldn’t react. Curia cast Phantom Bolt over the heads of her allies and struck the devil that she could see. The devil exploded.

Tyro advanced into the room, and from his spot, he could see down a hallway in the back of the room. In the hallway was a big bad orc with a yellow bandana. Tyro stopped at the entrance of the hallway and waited. Xiel moved into the room, and flanked the shaman with Rastaputka.

Tryo charged, screaming, down the hallway toward the Orc. The Orc with the yellow bandana dodged the blow. The Orc pulled out his great axe and swung at Tyro. Tyro ducked under the blow. Xiel attempted a Piercing attack on the shaman, and his dagger pierced the chest cavity of the Shaman and plunged into the shaman’s heart. Rastaputka turned on the remaining devil and swiped at it with her Duelist’s sword. When her blade struck the devil, it exploded into cinders. She then moved to the back of the room so she could see down the hallway.

Curia moved in front of Rastaputka and shot a Phantom Bolt down the hall, but it flew wildly high. Tyro did a tide of Iron, wounding the Orc with the Yellow Bandana and pushed him backward. As the orc moved back, it swung wildly but missed Tyro. Tyro fled backward to the room where his allies had just finished off the Shaman. The Orc charged down the hallway, when it came within range of Tyro, Tyro hit it and stopped its charge. The orc then shifted forward next to Curia. Tyro took another attack as the orc shifted and spilled more of the orc’s blood.

The orc took his great axe and slashed a massive wound down Curia’s chest. The wound forced a cry of pain and surprise from the Tiefling woman. Ki-amar knocked the Orc with the yellow bandana to the ground with an earth shock. With a warlord’s favor, Ki-amar hit the Orc on the ground, slashed open a bloody gash and granted Rastaputka a bonus on her next attack. Ki-amar took lightning damage from a quick reaction of the Orc.

Xiel shifted forward using a deft Blade Vault Maneuver, and bloodied the orc laying prone. Down the hallway, a Duergar appeared from a side room, and muttered an arcane phrase. A Quill Storm burst into the middle of the party. Everyone was hit by Fire-poison quills.

Rastaputka stepped forward and hit the prone Orc with both of her swords. She savaged the wearer of the yellow Bandana. The success of her her attack invoked the magic of her bracers causing the Orc, her quarry, even more pain. Curia, nearly dead, used her amulet of false life to gain some health. Then she took a second wind. Her wound magically healed itself to the point of not leaking any more blood, but she was still far from being perfectly healthy.

In the hallway, a red-headed Duergar female appeared, and came toward the party. When she reached her prone comrade (the orc), she attacked both Tyro and Xiel, and hit Tyro. The sword she was wielding shifted as she came down the hall from a long sword to a bastard sword. The sword looked familiar. It was Coulevar, the prize that the adventurers had been seeking.

Tyro healed himself, then attacked with a comeback strike at the female Duergar, but missed. The Orc stood up, healed itself, though still bloodied, and started an attack. Rastaputka interrupted his attack and stabbed the Orc in the kidney. The distraction was enough to allow Xiel to avoid the Orc’s attack.

Ki-amar , helped Curia heal, then attempted a Turning Point, but missed. Xiel took damage from the poison-fire quill then performed a Riposte strike on the Orc with the Yellow Bandana. As Xiel hit him, the Orc immediately retaliated with lightning from his axe, and knocked Xiel back.

The Duergar mage moved forward and took a stance behind the female, and Cursed the entire party. The whole party was blasted for 20 fear and psychic damage. As Ki-amar was knocked from the blast, the Orc hit him with his Axe. As Rastaputka was knocked backed, the Orc missed the elf maiden, as she somersaulted to gracefully avoid being hurt by the forced movement. Tyro’s forced movement provoked attacks from both the Orc with the Yellow Bandana, and the Female Duergar, but they both missed the stalwart dwarf.

Rastaputka stepped up to the Orc, and stepped into a Hunt’s End maneuver to try to finish the bloodied Orc. The Orc was able to deflect some of the damage, but still took a little damage. Upset with the attack’s minimal effect, she burned an action point, and attacked with both swords and her faithful Twin Strike and killed the orc. Curia cast Incindiary Detonation and knocked the female Duergar prone.

The Duergar female marked Rastaputka with an Aegis. She used a lightning lure on Ki-amar , but he was able to resist it. Tyro stepped forward in front of the female Duergar, took a defensive stance, but attacked and hit the female. He then healed himself.

Ki-amar used his warlord power to partially heal the entire party. Then he backed into the first hallway to stay out of range of magical effects from the Duergar mage. Xiel then stepped forward and attacked the female around the corner in the hallway, but missed. He spent an action point and hit the female Duergar. The duergar mage threw a quill at Xiel, and hit him. Xiel felt fire and poison damage. He then pulled another quill and threw it at Xiel, and hit him again.

Rastaputka stepped forward and attacked the Female around the corner of the hallway, but the duergar female blocked the first rapier, but not the second. More blood spilled to the floor.

Curia cast Scorching Burst followed immediately by a lightning bolt. The female Duergar was sizzled by the lightning, but the duergar mage behind her is was able to dodge the bolt.

The female duergar invoked the power of the sword, and blasted a lightning matrix. The blast only hit Tyro as the others were able to evade the attack. Tyro, hit her with a Passing Attack, and opened her belly. Her intestine poured out of the wound, and she fell. The sword dropped from her hand, and dimmed.

Ki-amar healed Xiel, then stepped forward to attack the Duergar mage. As he was about to hit the Duergar, the mage muttered something, then moved back as a devil manifested in the recently vacated spot. Ki-amar shifted his attack to the devil, but missed.

Xiel suffered a little more damage from the poison quill. He threw his dagger at the devil and the dagger vanished. The Duergar mage turned, fled down the hall and disappeared around a corner. Rastaputka activated her Elven Boots, and went after the dwarf. Just after turning the corner at the end of the hall, she emerged into a large room. It was about 30 feet to the opposite wall from where she was, and the room was about sixty or seventy feet wide. The entrance where she was standing, stood about twenty feet higher than the floor of the room below, a small five foot walkway went left and right. On her right, the walkway ended in a staircase along the wall which led down to the floor of the chamber. On the opposite wall she could see a matching ledge and staircase. On the floor of the chamber to her left, in the closed end of the chamber, was a large pit. In the center of the room, a gnome was chained to the floor. The gnome looked familiar. Fleeing down the stairs to her right, was the dwarf mage. Rastaputka charged down the stairs and swung her rapier. The Duergar, having the advantage of being short and on the lower steps, ducked under the swing. Curia ran to catch the Elf and Duergar. She cast Grease at the bottom of the stairs. Tyro ran, following as did Ki-amar .

Xiel ran to catch up and jumped from the doorway to the room floor twenty feet below. He landed gracefully as only a trained rogue can. As the Duergar moved to flee, Rastaputka missed with an opportunity attack. The Duergar entered the grease, and slipped. The Duergar flailed wildly and didn’t get very far. Rastaputka moved carefully through the grease and hit the Duergar with her vicious rapier, cutting him, but missed with her other rapier as she slipped a little in the grease. A scorching burst emanated from Curia’s palms, and hit the Duergar, but the dark dwarf was uninjured because of a racial immunity to fire. Tyro moved forward to the stairs, and ungracefully jumped off the steps, twisted his ankle, then moved toward the front doors of the chamber avoiding the grease. Ki-amar stop at the top of the steps, and carefully let himself down the over the ledge. He pulled out his javelin, and threw his javelin at the Duergar. The javelin flew across the room, but missed. When it hit the wall, it disappeared and reappeared in Ki-amar ’s hand.

Xiel hit the Duergar with a walking wounded attack. The Duergar fell prone. He stood up, and tried to flee, and Rastaputka hit him with her rapier. He moved ten feet and then fell over. Rastaputka followed him and hit him again, and drew more blood. Tyro stepped into a flank with Rastaputka and swung his axe, but missed the slippery Duergar.

Ki-amar moved and charged the Duergar. The Duergar was bloodied by the attack. “I surrender”, the dwarf said frantically, and held up his empty hands. Xiel attempted to knock him out, but was unable to knock him unconscious. His subduing attack wounded the Duergar. Feeling that he might not be taken alive, the Duergar swung is hammer into Xiel’s arm. Not wanting to drag things out, Ki-amar intimidated him to surrender and Xiel apoligzied for being an a-hole (in the Duergar’s opinion) and attacking a surrendering enemy.



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