Defenders of Khelb

There's always room for Jel... Uh.. Slime

Tiefling on a string..

After the fight with the Orcs, the party returned to rooms where they had left the gnome. They rested for six hours while the Elf meditated and kept guard. After the rest, everyone felt nice and rejuvenated. The gnome regained consciousness. During the rest, he didn’t have time to recuperate fully, but it was able to stand and walk about. His name, which the party had previously never bothered to ask, was Royzop. He said, “Thank you for saving me… although they tortured me because of you.”

Ki-amar pointed out “Perhaps you shouldn’t have talked so much when you returned to seven pillars.” Surprisingly, that shut the gnome up.

“Do you know why you were tied up?” Xiel asked

Royzop spoke, “I was tortured for information about you guys. I made up a bunch of stuff.. .but some might have been true. But I didn’t mean to. I was saying anything to try to get them to stop hurting me.” He almost started to cry from the memories.

“Don’t worry.. you’re safe now.” Rastaputka sympathized.

“Do you know what the hole is for?” Xiel asked Royzop as the group walked back into the large sacrificial chamber.

Rastaputka mumbled under her breath “That’s what she said,” and chuckled to herself.

“Nope.. sorry. I did see them throwing their trash in there.”

Tthe party tried to figure out what to do next. They made their way down to the hole. The opening was about 30×30 Curia cast light, and looked down the hole. It was a natural crevice, and tapered into a slightly more narrow hole as it went deeper. There was garbage and stuff stuck to side. It appeared to open up near the bottom, but the details were lost in the gloom, because Curia’s magic light couldn’t completely reach the bottom. It was almost an unspoken agreement that they would be playing with the containment circle around the statue of the frog. This was why the hole was a bit of a concern. No one wanted to fall in hole during a battle.

“Can we cover the hole,” Curia asked?

“Perhaps the table from the drinking hall?” Rastaputka suggested. She and Tyro went to the drinking hall and grabbed the 10×20 table and maneuvered it out of the room and into the chamber. They set it down next to the hole.

“Hmmm…” Rastaputka said. “Doesn’t look like its big enough to cover the hole. We could still drop it in the hole and see if it’ll get stuck half way down. It would at least provide a landing platform so that if someone falls in, they might not fall the whole way.”

Ignoring the Elf’s comments, Curia said “What if we used rope to make a net.”

“I bought an adventurer’s kit. It should have rope in it.” Ki-amar piped in. “Where is it? It’s not here. I know I bought one. Maybe I left it in my other backpack.”

“How much rope do we have?” Rastaputka asked.

“I’m supposed to have a rope.” Ki-amar continued. “Where’s my adventurers kit.”

“I’ve got rope.” Xiel said proudly. “It’s right here.” The smug Human pulled out his coil of rope. “Its silk!” He added happily as he rubbed the silk rope against his cheek.

“Where’s my rope?” Ki-amar asked, slightly frustrated with himself and fate. “There’s no way I would have left Gendar’s shop without Rope. Can we assume that I bought rope?”

“Sure, I’d like to see you climb down this hole with your Rope of Assumption +4, don’t let the rocks on the bottom break your ass on the way down,” she said dryly to Ki-amar. “Someone help me, I want to throw this table in the hole.”

Tyro continued not to say anything. He just sat there as if lobotomized. “Let’s make a net or something out of the rope.” Curia repeated herself.

“Yeah, like there is enough rope to make a net. The rope is barely long enough to go across the hole once” Rastaputka replied a little tartly. “Someone grab the other side of the table. I really want to throw this in the hole.”

“My adventurer’s kit should have a climbing kit to.” The normally very adept and intelligent genasi said absentmindely.

Tyro, grab the other end of the table!” Rastaputka ordered the blank-stared dwarf. Tyro stood without acknowledging and grabbed the other side of the table. They moved the table next to the hole, then lifted and flipped it over so it fell into the hole upside down. With a cacophony of noise, the large, heavy, wood table fell into the hole. It banged against one side, then the other, and loudly settled into place at an angle a little more than half way down the hole. “I told you I wanted the table in the hole.” She said with a smile. To the perception of Xiel and Rastaputka, the echo of the table falling down the hall reverberated more than it would have if the hole had just been a pit.

“I think there is a larger cavern down there or something,” Xiel commented.

“All right.. I think we all had rope.” Ki-amar supplied.

“We certainly wouldn’t have left a shop without the necessities,” Curia said starting to side with Ki-amar. “I have rope,” she said while pulling a rope out of her purse, umm.. backpack.

Finally the group seemed to come to agreement that they had all bought rope and adventurers kits. Royzop, who had been hanging close to Curia, tugged on her robes. When she looked down, he pointed to the center or the chamber. The adventurer kits were sitting there, looking like they had just been pulled out of the shop. Looking inside, it turned out that they, now, did have 5 lengths of rope.

Curia settled down about trying to make a net out of the rope, and the group secured rope to the manacles that had previously held the gnome. Having been secured to the stone floor, they would provide a good hold for the rope when it was lowered into the hole.

Content now that if someone fell into the hole, they would have a good chance of either grabbing a rope, or landing on the table, the party switched focus. They looked up at the frog statue, and thought, time for business.

The Frog statue that overlooked the room was sitting on a ledge fifteen feet about the main floor of the room. It was accessible by two different walkways, one from the north side of the room and one from the south. Each of the two walk ways ended in stairs that brought them down to the floor at the west end of the room. The statue was centered along the west wall. A white substance that looked like salt encircled the statue. “That’s a containment circle” Curia provided.

Curia positioned herself in the middle of the room down on the floor. Ki-amar stood near the middle of the room as well, but up on the northern walkway. Xiel was closer on the same walkway, waiting near the northeast corner. Tyro stood next to the salt circle on the north side, and Rastaputka stood opposite on the south side.

Rastaputka used a long piece of debris to disrupt the containment circle of salt about 8 feet from her. She didn’t really want to disrupt it directly in front of her incase it exploded or something. Nothing happened. Nothing continued to happen. Suddenly a wall sconce behind Tyro and Xiel winked out, darkening that corner of the room. In the gloom by the statue, something moved. A mix of slime and shadow started undulating. Curia recognized it as a Shadow Slime. She called out some of its abilities to everyone. She said, “It was a large natural slime. It can drain life to heal itself, it can drain natural light. Dim light makes it near invisible. No known resistances or vulnerabilities.”

Curia acted first, a Scorching Burst flew from her outstretched hand toward the slime and hit it. Rastaputka was next, wielding Mirthuvial and her other magic rapier, with a slash and a stab, she scored two massive hits, one with each weapon, and performed a sneak attack which she had been trained in, her magic braces glowed and added even more power to the attack. She did 58 damage (how did anyone know that? They just had a feeling that was right). The slime was not bloodied, though they were unsure if slime actually bled. Xiel threw a dagger at the slime and it sunk into the gelatinous mass. It was bloodied, though the blood was more of a clear-ish liquid that flood from the would with a lot less consistency than the rest of the creature.

Curia’s mage light went out, as did the everburning torch tied to Rastaputka’s leg, the room grew darker. The slime lashed out at Tryo. The small man was slimed. Tyro could feel some of his life force leaving him and transferring to the slime. With the attack/heal, the slime was no longer bloodied. All the rest of the lights on the side of the room near the slime went out. The slime disappeared sight in the low light.

The little gnome squealed…. “Don’t let it get me” and moved behind Curia who was down on the main floor on the far side of the room. Curia took a couple steps forward and cast light again. The slime re-appeared in the same spot. She sent out a phantom bolt at it, hitting and blooding it again. Ki-amar, from the ledge on the north side of the room, threw his javelin at the slime and the javelin stuck in the slime. Slime poured out of the wound. The magic javelin reappeared in his hand. Standing next to the large slime, Tyro missed, but marked it with his fighter prowess.

Rastaputka attempted to light the slime with the Fariefire from Mirthuvial, but the effect failed. She hit with both swords, but did little damage. Xiel pulled out a sun-rod, and cracked it open. He threw a dagger, hitting the slime, and then starting running to the far end of the room with his light source.

The slime extinguished Xiel’s light and Curia’s light orb. The slime disappeared from sight again. Tyro, with his fighter senses, felt an disturbance on the air in front of him. He sensed his mark was about to attack someone Rastaputka. Though it was invisible, Tyro swung his axe and carved off a piece of invisible slime. Then the slime hit Rastaputka for 20, and drained that life, healing itself.

Curia cast another light orb to illuminate the room. She then shot a phantom bolt, but missed the slime. The gnome’s fear distracted her. Ki-amar floated on air to get to the far side of the slime. It was a total Genasi thing to do. As he approached, the slime hit Ki-amar. He tried to strike the slime, but had trouble stabilizing his balance when he landed and missed the slime.

Tyro took a big swing with his axe and hit for 11. Rastaputka focused better with her next attack and hit with both of her swords, and the life force that held the slime together released and gravity spread the slime all over the floor.

The lights came back on, with the exception of the party’s dark everburning torches. Curia walked up the steps to the ledge around the room and examined the idol. The mouth appeared to be hollow, and a slimy residue in the hole indicated it was likely the home of the slime. The hole moved down and back into the natural wall that the Chamber of the Eye was built into. Xiel examined the statue, but found nothing of interest.

“We could ask Royzop to crawl in there, he might fit”, Rastaputka suggested. “We could tie a rope, since clearly we have some, to his feet.” Royzop wilted visibly, but the other’s felt that wasn’t a good thing to do. The party walked down to the main floor of the chamber, having decided not to do anything with the statue. They asked Royzop about Pedistal again. He said he could get them there from Seven Pillars. He rambled on about a gnome town that had been taken over by Drow. The party decided not to do anything about it, at least for the time being.

Rastaputka untied her dead everburning torch (because it wasn’t burning) from her leg. The group re-secured their rope to the shackles that anchored in the stone, and tossed the rope in the hole. The party climbed down into the hole. The bottom of the hole was a steep slope that moved down and away. The group waited at the base of the pit they just came down. A rope was tied around Rastaputka’s waist, and she took Tyro’s active sunrod and walked her way down the slope. At the bottom of the slope, she found another hole. As she neared the hole, the air got colder. It was really a draft, just a damp coldness. She held the light over the hole and looked in.

The hole opened up into a big cavern, the floor was about a fifty foot drop away. She could see various pieces of trash, and possibly some pieces of gold. Rastaputka signaled back to the others that they should join her. They carefully made their way down the slope to the hole next to her. “I could try to Detect Magic down there, but I think I’d need to be lower, but maybe not all the way.” Curia offered, however not wanting to go all the way in case there were monsters lurking on the floor.

“Let’s tie a rope around your waist and lower you down a bit,” Xiel suggested.

They tied a rope around Curia’s waist and lowered her into the cavern so that she was hanging about 20 feet from the cavern bottom. With her lack of balance and athletics, she started swinging. It made detecting magic more difficult, but she was able to detect something. After casting her spell, she detected the presence of a magic wand. She also saw a monster (slime, like a few minutes ago) and it was getting closer. She started casting lights, and every time she cast light, the light would disappear. She wanted to make sure that there was nothing climbing on the walls toward the opening in the ceiling. In a blink of an eye after her magic light would appear, it would wink out. She knew this to be an ability of the slime.

The slime moved under her, and waited for her to fall or something. She cast scorching blast directly below her and hit the slime. She continued swinging very ungracefully and throwing out more scorching blasts. Not all found their mark, but it didn’t matter so much. Since she was hanging above the floor, the slime couldn’t attack. After a few minutes of strobe lighting and scorching blasts, the slime finally retreated into the darkness at the edge of the cavern. As she was hanging (though literally swaying and spinning slowly) there, the party tried to figure out how to get her to floor safely so that she could get the wand. “I use mage hand to deal with stuff, this manual stuff is minotaur shit.”

“Use a mage hand to get the wand.” Rastaputka called down.

“Right on… Rastaputka”, came the response from the Tiefling yo-yo. The swinging and spinning finally caught up with Curia. As she was casting her light spell which continued winking out almost instantly, she started vomiting. The strobe effect of the light, made the vomit spewing from the teifling almost appear in slow motion as it spiraled out away from her. After her stomach was empty, Curia was able to nab the wand with a Mage Hand. “Pull me up” she hollered.

“Get my great sword of extreme coolness first!” Ki-amar called down to her. “It’s in the edge of the cavern somewhere.” Chuckles from the others at the top of the hole filtered down to Curia.

“There’s nothing magic left. Pull me up!” Curia called back.

The party pulled her up and then they climbed out of the hole and back into the original chamber where they fought the first slime. The wand turned out to be a Wand of Frost. Curia was happy about the find. Feeling that they had exhausted the “safe” loot potential of the Chamber of the Eye, they decided they were done.

The Defender’s of Khelb (with Royzob in tow) headed back to 7 Pillars. It was an uneventful journey.



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